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November 7 - FOX STABLE 1.4.22

November 2 - FOX STABLE 1.6.0 (Release Candidate 1)

This is the first release candidate for FOX 1.6. The input methods for X11 now work. The next one will implement input methods on Windows. The API's are now pretty much frozen except insofar as changes are needed for input method support. Please note, we're doing the "root" method only. On the spot and over the spot methods will be done later.

October 29 - FOX STABLE 1.4.21

October 25 - FOX STABLE 1.4.20

October 19

I have written a few words here about the Unicode table compression method used in the FOX Unicode implementation. The method achieves very nice compaction of the Unicode Character Properties tables by recursive partial overlapping identical property data and indirection blocks.

September 23 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.13

September 15 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.12

September 13 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.11

This is the FOX 1.6 pre-release; please test! The next one [barring bugs!] is going to be FOX 1.6.0!!

September 7 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.10

September 3 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.9

September 2 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.8

August 19 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.7

August 1 - FOX STABLE 1.4.17

July 21 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.6

Well, after weeks of pounding the keyboard, here's a massive number of new features; first, we've got a nice set of new widgets:- the FXKnob control contributed by Leandro Nini which can be a drop-in for FXSlider or FXDial with different looks.
Next, there's FXColorList which is a flavor of FXList which can be used to select from a set of named colors. To wrap up the color selection methods, we now also have a new widget called FXColorRing, which is a hue/saturation/value control which manipulates a colors hue by means of a ring, and saturation and value by a rotating triangle centered in the hue ring. The tip of the triangle rotates to follow the hue selected in the outer ring. Its a quite intuitive way to control colors.
Then, we have a UTF-8 enabled FXTextField and FXText widget. FXTextField supports UTF-8 and UTF-16 clipboard support for interaction with other applications.
Finally, I have now embarked on the implementation of possessive match support for FXRex. The possessive match is a fairly recent addition in the world of regular expressions; what it does is to eliminate back tracking in greedy closures. For example, the pattern "a*b" is not ever going to match "aaaaaaac", so instead of performing massive numbers of vain backtracking attempts, we can now write a pattern "a*+b", which will simply give up as soon as we fail to match the "b" against the "c".
It is interesting for our purposes as it may substantially speed up the syntax coloring engine or other sophisticated pattern matching using FXRex.

A detailed list of features follows:

June 29 - FOX UNSTABLE 1.5.5

June 11 - FOX STABLE 1.4.16

June 4 - FOX STABLE 1.4.15

April 14 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.5.4

April 9 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.5.3

April 9 - FOX STABLE 1.4.12

March 30 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.5.2

March 20 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.5.1

March 20 - FOX STABLE 1.4.10

March 17 - FOX STABLE 1.4.9

March 16 - FOX STABLE 1.4.8

March 8 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.5.0

This is a development preview; it is not recommended for any development work at this time; in particular, no effort has been made to make it compile on all platforms. Some of the highlights of this release are below.

March 8 - FOX STABLE 1.4.7

February 22 - FOX STABLE 1.4.6

February 15 - FOX STABLE 1.4.5

February 13 - FOX STABLE 1.4.4

February 12 - FOX STABLE 1.4.3

Well, here's a few other minor updates. Nothing very serious this time. Now that the worst errors have been taken care of, I'm going to hold off these rapid releases until there is something serious or after I've been able to collect a bunch of them.

February 10 - FOX STABLE 1.4.2

February 8 - FOX STABLE 1.4.1

February 7 - FOX STABLE 1.4.0

Well, after another last-minute feature got snuck in over the weekend, I'm pleased to present the new major stable release, the FOX Toolkit version 1.4!
This release is going to make a lot of people happy, since we've accomplished quite a bit of work since the 1.2 release!

February 7 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.4.0

January 31 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.26

January 30 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.25

January 28 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.24

January 27 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.23

X-Mas Release - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.22

December 21 - FOX STABLE 1.2.13

December 14 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.21

November 29 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.20

November 24 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.19

Halloween Release - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.18

October 28, 2004 - FOX DEVELOPMENT 1.3.17

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