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FXDLL.h File Reference

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namespace  FX


void * fxdllOpen (const FXchar *dllname)
void fxdllClose (void *dllhandle)
void * fxdllSymbol (void *dllhandle, const FXchar *dllsymbol)
FXString fxdllError ()

Function Documentation

void* FX::fxdllOpen const FXchar dllname  ) 

Open library with given name, returning handle to the library, or NULL if the operation failed.

void FX::fxdllClose void *  dllhandle  ) 

Close library represented by dllhandle.

void* FX::fxdllSymbol void *  dllhandle,
const FXchar dllsymbol

Return address of the symbol in the library represented by dllhandle, or NULL if the operation failed.

FXString FX::fxdllError  ) 

Return the string error message when loading dll's.

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