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FXURL.h File Reference

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namespace  FX
namespace  FX::FXURL


FXString hostname ()
FXString fileToURL (const FXString &file)
FXString fileFromURL (const FXString &url)
FXString decode (const FXString &url)
FXString encode (const FXString &url)

Function Documentation

FXString FX::FXURL::hostname  ) 

Return host name.

FXString FX::FXURL::fileToURL const FXString &  file  ) 

Return URL of filename.

FXString FX::FXURL::fileFromURL const FXString &  url  ) 

Return filename from URL, empty if url is not a local file.

FXString FX::FXURL::decode const FXString &  url  ) 

Decode url string.

FXString FX::FXURL::encode const FXString &  url  ) 

Encode url string.

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