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Conversion of Unsigned Int to Float

Conversion of unsigned int to float appears to be difficult for x86-64 processor. However, signed int to float is directly supported in the hardware. The GCC compiler is clever enough to use the hardware instruction CVTSI2SS. However in the case … Continue reading

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The Forum is Up!

After scouring the net to find some decent-looking PHP-based Forum software, I eventually came across Simple Machines Forum (SMF). So I messed with it all last night, and this night, and got it more or less functional.  The first few … Continue reading

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Half Floats

Some time ago, I wrote an implementation of the “half float” class.  This implements 16-bit floating point numbers, particularly conversion of these to and from single precision 32-bit floats, which are supported by most hardware. The crucial idea was to … Continue reading

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Switching Between GCC and LLVM

While GCC still generates faster code (for me, at least!), LLVM does generate nice warnings. In fact, LLVM caught two problems for me today that GCC overlooked. Self-comparisons, like: if(m>m) … Technically, this is of course perfectly legal C++.  But … Continue reading

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Gathering Steam, not Moss

For the past few years, the FOX website has been served up by a (underpowered) 200MHz PowerPC (LinkStation aka KuroBox, actually). Its been very reliable,but the software on it had been frozen in time, and not easily upgradable (especially the … Continue reading

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