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The Case for Negative Semaphore Counts

The new FXParallel feature being worked on in FOX has a atomic variable for tracking completed tasks of a task-group.  This kind of works as follows: 1 2 3 if(atomicAdd(&counter,-1)==1){; }if(atomicAdd(&counter,-1)==1){; } In other words, when the specified … Continue reading

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Dell XPS15 Surgery

So I got this Dell XPS15 laptop, and decided to bump up the specs a bit.  A quick visit to NewEgg and I received a new 1TB laptop drive, two RAM sticks, and a nice 120GB SSD drive; the latter … Continue reading

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WordPress Pressing Problems

Apparently, you can not load WordPress into your document root, set stuff up, and then change the domain name of your machine. For some unfathomable reason, the original url (containing your domain name!) is getting hardwired into the database in … Continue reading

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