The Case for Negative Semaphore Counts

The new FXParallel feature being worked on in FOX has a atomic variable for tracking completed tasks of a task-group.  This kind of works as follows:


In other words, when the specified number of tasks has completed, the counter reaches zero (atomicAdd() returns the previous value of the variable) and then we ping the semaphore.

Of course, behind the scenes, a semaphore is maintaining an atomic counter already! Maintaining our own atomic variable therefore would seem to be redundant.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just initialize a semaphore to a negative value, and post() it until it reaches 1, and release the waiting thread from its call to wait()?

Sadly, you can’t initialize semaphores to a negative value.  But it would be great if you could, and (at least on Linux) it could be done with minimal effort. In fact, simply changing the semaphore variable to signed int and allowing it to be initialized to a negative value is really all it takes.

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