Frequently Answered Questions [Remove Frame]


Why does FOX look so much like Windows?

Has FOX been ported to the Apple Macintosh?

Which Systems are supported by FOX?

Is FOX `64-bit clean'?

How do I write portable code?

Why do I get an `illegal icon specified' message when I change some Widget's icon?

Compiling FOX as a DLL under VC++ gives me a unresolved external symbol?

When do I call flush(), forceRefresh(), refresh() and update() after a change?

How does layout work, exactly?

When I construct a window at the beginning it works but when I construct it later it doesn't

About numbering Message ID's.

Why Support GIF!

Failing to delete menu panes in owner's destructor.

How does FXStream serialize an FXObject?

Why did FOX choose the message-map based callback paradigm

Why does a AUTOGRAY disable, but not enable the Button?

I get compiler errors in Visual C++ when inclusing FXArray or FXElement

My Motif application complains with messages about failing to allocate colors

File fxpngio.cpp does not compile on IRIX 6.5

Developing FOX Applications under Windows.

Why are there various flavors of running an event loop?

Why do I need to declare a default contructor in my classes?

Which FOX objects do I need to delete to avoid memory leaks?

What's the difference between detach and delete?

Can I use multiple threads in my FOX application?

Can I cross compile FOX on Linux for Windows?

Can I have other colors besides black and white for my cursor?

Why is the SEL_DELETED message sent before the actual deletion?

How do I perform double buffered drawing?

How do I make sure drawing is flicker-free?

Why does the border style not follow what I specify?

What's the deal with default buttons?

Shouldn't fx.h include fxkeys.h?

I have this great idea, but you will need to rewrite all of the FOX library and applications.

How do I monitor activity on sockets?

What do the different version numbers for FOX mean?

Why didn't you fix the problem of the last pixel of a line not being drawn on MS-Windows?

Why doesn't FOX use ASSERTs to check API arguments?

Why can I not paste clipboard data out of a deleted window?

What is valgrind?

When is a member function virtual or not?

Why does a toplevel window have different decorations than I specified?

Why do none of the FXScrollArea derived widgets have a frame?

What is the Legal Status of FOX since your departure from CFD Research?

What is all this stuff with FXSelector and so on?

How do I add an icon for Windows Explorer?

The TextField stops updating while the cursor is in it?

Building and using DLL's with FOX under Windows.

Creating an MDI application.

MS-Windows GDI handle limits.

How to I make a back-buffered widget?

Advanced drag and drop topics.

FOX Exception handling.