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FX::FXUTF16Codec Member List

This is the complete list of members for FX::FXUTF16Codec, including all inherited members.

codecForName(const FXchar *name)FX::FXTextCodec [static]
fromUnicode(FXuchar *&dest, unsigned long m, const FXwchar *&src, unsigned long n)FX::FXUTF16Codec [virtual]
FXUTF16Codec()FX::FXUTF16Codec [inline]
insertBOM(FXuchar *&dest, unsigned long m)FX::FXUTF16Codec
mibEnum() constFX::FXUTF16Codec [virtual]
mimeName() constFX::FXUTF16Codec [virtual]
registerCodec(const FXchar *name, FXTextCodec *codec)FX::FXTextCodec [static]
toUnicode(FXwchar *&dest, unsigned long m, const FXuchar *&src, unsigned long n)FX::FXUTF16Codec [virtual]
~FXTextCodec()FX::FXTextCodec [inline, virtual]
~FXUTF16Codec()FX::FXUTF16Codec [inline, virtual]

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