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FOX C++ GUI TOOLKIT Reference Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
FX::FX4SplitterThe four-way splitter is a layout manager which manages four children like four panes in a window
FX::FXAccelTableThe accelerator table sends a message to a specific target object when the indicated key and modifier combination is pressed
FX::FXAppApplication Object
FX::FXArrowButtonButton with an arrow; the arrow can point in any direction
FX::FXBitmapA Bitmap is a rectangular array of pixels
FX::FXBitmapFrameThe image frame is a simple frame widget displaying an image; the image is not owned by the image frame so it must be explicitly deleted elsewhere
FX::FXBitmapViewThe Bitmap View widget display a scrollable view of a bitmap
FX::FXBMPIconMicrosoft Bitmap icon
FX::FXBMPImageMicrosoft Bitmap image
FX::FXButtonA button provides a push button, with optional icon and/or text label
FX::FXCanvasCanvas, an area drawn by another object
FX::FXCharsetA set of characters
FX::FXCheckButtonA check button is a tri-state button
FX::FXColorBarA color bar is a widget which controls the brightness (value) of a color by means of the hue, saturation, value specification system
FX::FXColorDialogThe Color dialog is a standard dialog panel used to edit colors
FX::FXColorSelectorColor selection widget
FX::FXColorWellA color well is a widget which controls color settings
FX::FXColorWheelA color wheel is a widget which controls a color by means of the hue, saturation, value color specification system
FX::FXCommandBase class for undoable commands
FX::FXCommandGroupGroup of undoable commands
FX::FXCompositeBase composite
FX::FXCURCursorCUR Cursor class
FX::FXCursorCursor class
FX::FXDataTargetA Data Target allows a valuator widget such as a Slider or Text Field to be directly connected with a variable in the program
FX::FXDCAbstract Device Context
FX::FXDCPrintPostscript Printer Device Context
FX::FXDCWindowWindow Device Context
FX::FXDebugTargetA DebugTarget prints out every message it receives
FX::FXDelegatorA delegator forwards messages to a delegate object
FX::FXDialThe dial widget is a valuator widget which is able to provide a cyclic value range, or a simple linear value range
FX::FXDialogBoxDialogBox window
FX::FXDictThe dictionary class maintains a fast-access hash table of entities indexed by a character string
FX::FXDirBoxDirectory Box
FX::FXDirDialogDirectory selection dialog
FX::FXDirItemDirectory item
FX::FXDirListDirectory tree List
FX::FXDirSelectorDirectory selection widget
FX::FXDocumentAbstract base class for documents
FX::FXDragCornerA drag corner widget may be placed in the bottom right corner so as to allow the window to be resized more easily
FX::FXDrawableDrawable is an abstract base class for any surface that can be drawn upon, such as a FXWindow, or FXImage
FX::FXDriveBoxDirectory Box
FX::FXErrorExceptionGeneric error exception
FX::FXEventFOX Event
FX::FXExceptionGeneric catch-all exception
FX::FXFileAssocRegisters stuff to know about the extension
FX::FXFileDialogFile selection dialog
FX::FXFileDictThe File Association dictionary associates a file extension with a FXFileAssoc record which contains command name, mime type, icons, and other information about the file type
FX::FXFileItemFile item
FX::FXFileListFile List object
FX::FXFileSelectorFile selection widget
FX::FXFileStreamFile Store Definition
FX::FXFoldingItemTree list Item
FX::FXFoldingListA Folding List Widget resembles a Tree list except that it supports a header control to provide each item with multiple columns of text
FX::FXFontFont class
FX::FXFontDescFont style
FX::FXFontDialogFont selection dialog
FX::FXFontSelectorFont selection widget
FX::FXFrameBase Frame
FX::FXGIFCursorGIF Cursor class
FX::FXGIFIconGIF Icon class
FX::FXGIFImageGIF Image class
FX::FXGLCanvasGLCanvas, an area drawn by another object
FX::FXGLConeOpenGL Cone Object
FX::FXGLContextA GL context is an object representing the OpenGL state information
FX::FXGLCubeOpenGL Cube Object
FX::FXGLCylinderOpenGL Cylinder Object
FX::FXGLGroupGroup object
FX::FXGLLineOpenGL Line Object
FX::FXGLObjectBasic OpenGL object
FX::FXGLPointOpenGL Point Object
FX::FXGLShapeOpenGL Shape Object
FX::FXGLSphereOpenGL Sphere Object
FX::FXGLTriangleMeshOpenGL Triangle Mesh Object
FX::FXGLViewerCanvas, an area drawn by another object
FX::FXGLVisualVisual describes pixel format of a drawable
FX::FXGradientBarThe gradient bar is a control that is used to edit color gradient, such as used in texture mapping and shape filling
FX::FXGroupBoxA group box widget provides a nice raised or sunken border around a group of widgets, providing a visual delineation
FX::FXHashA hash table for associating pointers to pointers
FX::FXHeaderHeader control may be placed over a table or list to provide a resizable captions above a number of columns
FX::FXHeaderItemHeader item
FX::FXHiliteStyleHighlight style entry
FX::FXHorizontalFrameHorizontal frame layout manager widget is used to automatically place child-windows horizontally from left-to-right, or right-to-left, depending on the child window's layout hints
FX::FXHorizontalSeparatorHorizontal separator widget
FX::FXICOIconICO (Microsoft icon format) icon
FX::FXICOImageICO (Microsoft icon format) graphics file
FX::FXIconAn Icon is an image with two additional server-side resources: a shape bitmap, which is used to mask those pixels where the background should be preserved during the drawing, and a etch bitmap, which is used to draw the icon when it is disabled
FX::FXIconDictIcon dictionary
FX::FXIconItemIcon item
FX::FXIconListA Icon List Widget displays a list of items, each with a text and optional icon
FX::FXIdEncapsulates server side resource
FX::FXImageAn Image is a rectangular array of pixels
FX::FXImageFrameThe image frame is a simple frame widget displaying an image; the image is not owned by the image frame so it must be explicitly deleted elsewhere
FX::FXImageViewThe Image View widget display a scrollable view of an image
FX::FXInputDialogAn Input Dialog is a simple dialog which is used to obtain a text string, integer, or real number from the user
FX::FXJPGIconJPEG Icon class
FX::FXJPGImageJPEG Image class
FX::FXLabelA label widget can be used to place a text and/or icon for explanation purposes
FX::FXListA List Widget displays a list of items, each with a text and optional icon
FX::FXListBoxList Box
FX::FXListItemList item
FX::FXMainWindowMain application window
FX::FXMat3dDouble-precision 3x3 matrix
FX::FXMat3fSingle-precision 3x3 matrix
FX::FXMat4dDouble-precision 4x4 matrix
FX::FXMat4fSingle-precision 4x4 matrix
FX::FXMatrixThe Matrix layout manager automatically arranges its child windows in rows and columns
FX::FXMDIChildThe MDI child window contains the application work area in a Multiple Document Interface application
FX::FXMDIClientThe MDI client window manages a number of MDI child windows in a multiple-document interface (MDI) application
FX::FXMDIDeleteButtonMDI Delete button
FX::FXMDIMaximizeButtonMDI Maximize button
FX::FXMDIMenuMDI Window Menu
FX::FXMDIMinimizeButtonMDI Minimize button
FX::FXMDIRestoreButtonMDI Restore button
FX::FXMDIWindowButtonMDI Window button
FX::FXMemoryExceptionOut of memory
FX::FXMemoryStreamMemory Store Definition
FX::FXMenuBarMenu bar
FX::FXMenuButtonA menu button posts a popup menu when clicked
FX::FXMenuCaptionThe menu caption is a widget which can be used as a caption above a number of menu commands in a menu
FX::FXMenuCascadeThe cascade menu widget is used to bring up a sub menu from a pull down menu
FX::FXMenuCheckThe menu check widget is used to change a state in the application from a menu
FX::FXMenuCommandThe menu command widget is used to invoke a command in the application from a menu
FX::FXMenuPanePopup menu pane
FX::FXMenuRadioThe menu radio widget is used to invoke a command in the application from a menu
FX::FXMenuSeparatorThe menu separator is a simple decorative groove used to delineate items in a popup menu
FX::FXMenuTitleA menu title is a child of a menu bar which is responsible for popping up a pulldown menu
FX::FXMessageBoxMessage box
FX::FXMetaClassDescribes a FOX object
FX::FXMutexFXMutex provides a mutex which can be used to enforce critical sections around updates of data shared by multiple threads
FX::FXMutexLockAn easy way to establish a correspondence between a C++ scope and a critical section is to simply declare an FXMutexLock at the beginning of the scope
FX::FXObjectBase of all FOX object
FX::FXObjectListList of pointers to objects
FX::FXObjectListOf< TYPE >Specialize list to pointers to TYPE
FX::FXOptionOption Menu Button
FX::FXOptionMenuOption Menu
FX::FXPackerPacker is a layout manager which automatically places child windows inside its area against the left, right, top, or bottom side
FX::FXPCXImagePCX graphics file
FX::FXPickerA picker button allows you to identify an arbitrary location on the screen
FX::FXPNGIconPortable Network Graphics (PNG) Icon class
FX::FXPNGImagePortable Network Graphics (PNG) Image class
FX::FXPointerExceptionInvalid pointer
FX::FXPopupPopup window
FX::FXPPMIconPortable Pixmap icon
FX::FXPPMImagePortable Pixmap Image
FX::FXPrintDialogPrinter selection dialog
FX::FXPrinterDescribes printer
FX::FXProgressBarProgress bar widget
FX::FXProgressDialogA Progress Dialog is a simple dialog which is used to keep a user informed of the progress of a lengthy operation in a program and that the program is in fact still working
FX::FXPSBoundsBounding box
FX::FXQuatdDouble-precision quaternion
FX::FXQuatfSingle-precision quaternion
FX::FXRadioButtonA radio button is a tri-state button
FX::FXRangeExceptionIndex out of range
FX::FXRealSliderThe real slider widget is a valuator widget which provides simple linear value range
FX::FXRealSpinnerSpinner control
FX::FXRecentFilesThe recent files object manages a most recently used (MRU) file list by means of the standard system registry
FX::FXRegistryThe registry maintains a database of persistent settings for an application, or suite of applications
FX::FXReplaceDialogText replace dialog
FX::FXResourceExceptionGeneric resource exception
FX::FXRexFXRex is a regular expression class implementing a NFA matcher
FX::FXRootWindowRoot window
FX::FXRulerThe Ruler widget is placed alongside a document to measure position and size of entities within the document
FX::FXScrollAreaThe scroll area widget manages a content area and a viewport area through which the content is viewed
FX::FXScrollBarThe scroll bar is used when a document has a larger content than may be made visible
FX::FXScrollCornerCorner between scroll bars
FX::FXScrollPaneScrolling menu pane
FX::FXScrollWindowThe scroll window widget scrolls an arbitrary child window
FX::FXSearchDialogText search dialog
FX::FXSegmentLine segment
FX::FXSeparatorSeparator widget
FX::FXSettingsFXSettings is a key-value database
FX::FXShellA child of the Root window
FX::FXShutterShutter Control
FX::FXShutterItemShutter Control
FX::FXSliderThe slider widget is a valuator widget which provides simple linear value range
FX::FXSpinnerSpinner control
FX::FXSplitterSplitter window is used to interactively repartition two or more subpanels
FX::FXSpringThe spring widgets, when properly embedded side by side in a horizontal frame or vertical frame widget, behave like a set of connected springs of various lengths (hence the name!)
FX::FXStatusBarStatus bar
FX::FXStatusLineThe status line normally shows its permanent message; when moving the mouse over a Widget which has status-line help, the status line temporarily replaces its normal message with the help information; the status line obtains the help message by sending the Widget a ID_QUERY_HELP message with type SEL_UPDATE
FX::FXStreamA stream is a way to serialize data and objects into a byte stream
FX::FXStringFXString provides essential string manipulation capabilities
FX::FXStringDictString dictionary maps a character string to a character string
FX::FXSwitcherThe Switcher layout manager automatically arranges its child windows such that one of them is placed on top; all other child windows are hidden
FX::FXTabBarThe tab bar layout manager arranges tab items side by side, and raises the active tab item above the neighboring tab items
FX::FXTabBookThe tab book layout manager arranges pairs of children; the even numbered children (0,2,4,...) are usually tab items, and are placed on the top
FX::FXTabItemA tab item is placed in a tab bar or tab book
FX::FXTableTable Widget
FX::FXTableItemItem in table
FX::FXTablePosPosition in table
FX::FXTableRangeRange of table cells
FX::FXTextMultiline text widget
FX::FXTextChangeText mutation callback data passed with the SEL_INSERTED, SEL_REPLACED, and SEL_DELETED messages; both old and new text is available on behalf of the undo system as well as syntax highlighting
FX::FXTextCodecAbstract base class for a stateless coder/decoder
FX::FXTextFieldA text field is a single-line text entry widget
FX::FXTGAIconTARGA image format icon
FX::FXTGAImageTARGA graphics file
FX::FXThreadFXThread provides system-independent support for threads
FX::FXTIFIconTIFF Icon class
FX::FXTIFImageTIFF Image class
FX::FXToggleButtonThe toggle button provides a two-state button, which toggles between the on and the off state each time it is pressed
FX::FXToolBarToolBar control
FX::FXToolBarGripA toolbar grip is used to move its parent [an FXToolBar]
FX::FXToolBarShellA Tool bar shell is a widget floating around over the Main Window
FX::FXToolBarTabA toolbar tab is used to collapse or uncollapse a sibling widget
FX::FXToolTipHopefully Helpful Hint message
FX::FXTopWindowAbstract base class for all top-level windows
FX::FXTreeItemTree list Item
FX::FXTreeListA Tree List Widget organizes items in a hierarchical, tree-like fashion
FX::FXTreeListBoxTree List Box
FX::FXTriStateButtonThe tri-state button provides a three-state button, which toggles between the on and the off state each time it is pressed; programmatically, it may also be switched into the MAYBE state
FX::FXUndoListThe Undo List class manages a list of undoable commands
FX::FXUTF16CodecCodec for UTF-16
FX::FXUTF32CodecCodec for UTF-32
FX::FXUTF8CodecCodec for UTF-8
FX::FXVec2dDouble-precision 2-element vector
FX::FXVec2fSingle-precision 2-element vector
FX::FXVec3dDouble-precision 3-element vector
FX::FXVec3fSingle-precision 3-element vector
FX::FXVec4dDouble-precision 4-element vector
FX::FXVec4fSingle-precision 4-element vector
FX::FXVerticalFrameVertical frame layout manager widget is used to automatically place child-windows vertically from top-to-bottom, or bottom-to-top, depending on the child window's layout hints
FX::FXVerticalSeparatorVertical separator widget
FX::FXViewportOpenGL Viewer Viewport
FX::FXVisualVisual describes pixel format of a drawable
FX::FXWindowBase class for all windows
FX::FXWizardA Wizard widget guides the user through a number of panels in a predefined sequence; each step must be completed before moving on to the next step
FX::FXWStringFXWString provides a "wide" string class suitable for storing Unicode strings
FX::FXXBMIconX Bitmap icon
FX::FXXBMImageX Bitmap image
FX::FXXPMIconX Pixmap icon
FX::FXXPMImageX Pixmap image

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