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FX::FXGLCube Member List

This is the complete list of members for FX::FXGLCube, including all inherited members.

bounds(FXRangef &box)FX::FXGLShape [virtual]
canDelete() constFX::FXGLShape [virtual]
canDrag() constFX::FXGLShape [virtual]
copy()FX::FXGLCube [virtual]
depth (defined in FX::FXGLCube)FX::FXGLCube
drag(FXGLViewer *viewer, FXint fx, FXint fy, FXint tx, FXint ty)FX::FXGLShape [virtual]
draw(FXGLViewer *viewer)FX::FXGLShape [virtual]
FXGLCube(FXfloat x, FXfloat y, FXfloat z, FXfloat w=1.0f, FXfloat h=1.0f, FXfloat d=1.0f)FX::FXGLCube
FXGLCube(FXfloat x, FXfloat y, FXfloat z, FXfloat w, FXfloat h, FXfloat d, const FXMaterial &mtl)FX::FXGLCube
FXGLCube(const FXGLCube &orig)FX::FXGLCube
FXGLObject()FX::FXGLObject [inline]
FXGLObject(const FXGLObject &orig)FX::FXGLObject [inline]
FXGLShape(FXfloat x, FXfloat y, FXfloat z, FXuint opts)FX::FXGLShape
FXGLShape(FXfloat x, FXfloat y, FXfloat z, FXuint opts, const FXMaterial &front, const FXMaterial &back)FX::FXGLShape
FXGLShape(const FXGLShape &orig)FX::FXGLShape
getClassName() constFX::FXObject
getDepth() const (defined in FX::FXGLCube)FX::FXGLCube [inline]
getHeight() const (defined in FX::FXGLCube)FX::FXGLCube [inline]
getMaterial(FXint side, FXMaterial &mtl) constFX::FXGLShape
getTipText() constFX::FXGLShape [inline]
getWidth() const (defined in FX::FXGLCube)FX::FXGLCube [inline]
height (defined in FX::FXGLCube)FX::FXGLCube
hit(FXGLViewer *viewer)FX::FXGLShape [virtual]
ID_LAST enum valueFX::FXGLObject
identify(FXuint *path)FX::FXGLObject [virtual]
isMemberOf(const FXMetaClass *metaclass) constFX::FXObject
load(FXStream &store)FX::FXGLCube [virtual]
onDefault(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *)FX::FXObject [virtual]
save(FXStream &store) constFX::FXGLCube [virtual]
setDepth(FXfloat d)FX::FXGLCube [inline]
setHeight(FXfloat h)FX::FXGLCube [inline]
setMaterial(FXint side, const FXMaterial &mtl)FX::FXGLShape
setTipText(const FXString &text)FX::FXGLShape [inline]
setWidth(FXfloat w)FX::FXGLCube [inline]
tryHandle(FXObject *sender, FXSelector sel, void *ptr)FX::FXObject [virtual]
width (defined in FX::FXGLCube)FX::FXGLCube
~FXGLCube()FX::FXGLCube [virtual]
~FXGLObject()FX::FXGLObject [inline, virtual]
~FXObject()FX::FXObject [virtual]

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