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FXAccelTable.h File Reference

#include "FXObject.h"

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namespace  FX


FXHotKey parseAccel (const FXString &string)
FXString unparseAccel (FXHotKey key)
FXHotKey parseHotKey (const FXString &string)
FXint findHotKey (const FXString &string)
FXString stripHotKey (const FXString &string)

Function Documentation

FXHotKey FX::parseAccel const FXString &  string  ) 

For example, parseAccel("Ctl+Shift+X") yields MKUINT(KEY_X,CONTROLMASK|SHIFTMASK).

FXString FX::unparseAccel FXHotKey  key  ) 

FXHotKey FX::parseHotKey const FXString &  string  ) 

For example, parseHotKey(""Salt && &Pepper!"") yields MKUINT(KEY_p,ALTMASK).

FXint FX::findHotKey const FXString &  string  ) 

For example, findHotKey("Salt && &Pepper!") yields 7. Note that this is the byte-offset, not the character index!

FXString FX::stripHotKey const FXString &  string  ) 

For example, stripHotKey("Salt && &Pepper") should yield "Salt & Pepper".

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