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FX::FXDate Class Reference

Gregorian date object. More...

#include <FXDate.h>

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Public Types

enum  {
  Sun = 0,

Public Member Functions

 FXDate ()
 FXDate (const FXDate &date)
 FXDate (FXint y, FXint m, FXint d)
 FXDate (FXuint j)
void setJulian (FXuint day)
FXuint getJulian () const
void setDate (FXint y, FXint m, FXint d)
void getDate (FXint &y, FXint &m, FXint &d) const
FXint day () const
FXint month () const
FXint year () const
FXint dayOfWeek () const
FXint dayOfYear () const
FXint daysInMonth () const
bool leapYear () const
FXDateoperator= (const FXDate &date)
FXDateoperator+= (FXint x)
FXDateoperator-= (FXint x)
FXDateoperator++ ()
FXDateoperator-- ()
bool operator== (const FXDate &date) const
bool operator!= (const FXDate &date) const
bool operator< (const FXDate &date) const
bool operator<= (const FXDate &date) const
bool operator> (const FXDate &date) const
bool operator>= (const FXDate &date) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool leapYear (FXint y)
static const FXcharmonthName (FXint month)
static const FXcharmonthNameShort (FXint month)
static const FXchardayName (FXint day)
static const FXchardayNameShort (FXint day)
static FXDate localDate ()
static FXDate zuluDate ()


FXDate operator+ (const FXDate &d, FXint x)
FXDate operator+ (FXint x, const FXDate &d)
FXint operator- (const FXDate &a, const FXDate &b)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &store, const FXDate &d)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &store, FXDate &d)

Detailed Description

Gregorian date object.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Names for the weekdays.

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FX::FXDate::FXDate  )  [inline]

Default constructor.

FX::FXDate::FXDate const FXDate date  )  [inline]

Copy constructor.

FX::FXDate::FXDate FXint  y,
FXint  m,
FXint  d

Initialize with year, month, and day.

FX::FXDate::FXDate FXuint  j  )  [inline]

Initialize with julian day number.

Member Function Documentation

void FX::FXDate::setJulian FXuint  day  )  [inline]

Set julian day number.

FXuint FX::FXDate::getJulian  )  const [inline]

Get julian day number.

void FX::FXDate::setDate FXint  y,
FXint  m,
FXint  d

Set to year, month, and day.

void FX::FXDate::getDate FXint y,
FXint m,
FXint d

Get year, month, and day.

FXint FX::FXDate::day  )  const

Return day of the month.

FXint FX::FXDate::month  )  const

Return month.

FXint FX::FXDate::year  )  const

Return year.

FXint FX::FXDate::dayOfWeek  )  const

Return day of the week.

FXint FX::FXDate::dayOfYear  )  const

Return day of year.

FXint FX::FXDate::daysInMonth  )  const

Return days in this month.

bool FX::FXDate::leapYear  )  const

Return true if leap year.

static bool FX::FXDate::leapYear FXint  y  )  [static]

Is the value a leap year.

static const FXchar* FX::FXDate::monthName FXint  month  )  [inline, static]

Get the name of the month.

static const FXchar* FX::FXDate::monthNameShort FXint  month  )  [inline, static]

Get the abbreviated name of the month.

static const FXchar* FX::FXDate::dayName FXint  day  )  [inline, static]

Get the name of the day.

static const FXchar* FX::FXDate::dayNameShort FXint  day  )  [inline, static]

Get the abbreviated name of the day.

static FXDate FX::FXDate::localDate  )  [static]

Return current local date.

static FXDate FX::FXDate::zuluDate  )  [static]

Return current UTC (Zulu) date.

FXDate& FX::FXDate::operator= const FXDate date  )  [inline]


FXDate& FX::FXDate::operator+= FXint  x  )  [inline]

Assignment operators.

FXDate& FX::FXDate::operator-= FXint  x  )  [inline]

FXDate& FX::FXDate::operator++  )  [inline]

Increment and decrement.

FXDate& FX::FXDate::operator--  )  [inline]

bool FX::FXDate::operator== const FXDate date  )  const [inline]

Equality tests.

bool FX::FXDate::operator!= const FXDate date  )  const [inline]

bool FX::FXDate::operator< const FXDate date  )  const [inline]

Inequality tests.

bool FX::FXDate::operator<= const FXDate date  )  const [inline]

bool FX::FXDate::operator> const FXDate date  )  const [inline]

bool FX::FXDate::operator>= const FXDate date  )  const [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

FXDate operator+ const FXDate d,
FXint  x

Add days to date yielding another date.

FXDate operator+ FXint  x,
const FXDate d

FXint operator- const FXDate a,
const FXDate b

Substract dates yielding days.

FXStream& operator<< FXStream store,
const FXDate d

save to stream

FXStream& operator>> FXStream store,
FXDate d

load from stream

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