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FX::FXPipe Class Reference

Pipe i/o device. More...

#include <FXPipe.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXPipe:

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Public Member Functions

 FXPipe ()
 FXPipe (FXInputHandle handle, FXuint mode)
virtual bool open (FXInputHandle handle, FXuint mode)
virtual FXival readBlock (void *data, FXival count)
virtual FXival writeBlock (const void *data, FXival count)
virtual bool close ()
virtual ~FXPipe ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool create (const FXString &file, FXuint perm=FXIO::OwnerReadWrite|FXIO::GroupReadWrite|FXIO::OtherReadWrite)

Detailed Description

Pipe i/o device.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FX::FXPipe::FXPipe  )  [inline]

Construct socket.

FX::FXPipe::FXPipe FXInputHandle  handle,
FXuint  mode

Construct file and attach existing handle h.

virtual FX::FXPipe::~FXPipe  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual bool FX::FXPipe::open FXInputHandle  handle,
FXuint  mode

Open device with access mode and handle.

Reimplemented from FX::FXIO.

virtual FXival FX::FXPipe::readBlock void *  data,
FXival  count

Read block of bytes, returning number of bytes read.

Reimplemented from FX::FXIO.

virtual FXival FX::FXPipe::writeBlock const void *  data,
FXival  count

Write block of bytes, returning number of bytes written.

Reimplemented from FX::FXIO.

virtual bool FX::FXPipe::close  )  [virtual]

Close socket.

Reimplemented from FX::FXIO.

static bool FX::FXPipe::create const FXString file,
FXuint  perm = FXIO::OwnerReadWrite|FXIO::GroupReadWrite|FXIO::OtherReadWrite

Create a named pipe.

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