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FX::FXAutoPtr< EType > Class Template Reference

Automatic pointer. More...

#include <FXAutoPtr.h>

Public Member Functions

 FXAutoPtr (EType *src=nullptr)
 Construct from optional pointer.
 FXAutoPtr (FXAutoPtr< EType > &src)
 Construct from another automatic pointer.
 FXAutoPtr (FXAutoPtrRef< EType > src)
 Construct from FXAutoPtrRef.
template<typename T >
 FXAutoPtr (FXAutoPtr< T > &src)
 Construct from another automatic pointer of compatible type.
FXAutoPtroperator= (EType *src)
 Assign from pointer.
FXAutoPtroperator= (FXAutoPtr< EType > &src)
 Assign from an another automatic pointer.
FXAutoPtroperator= (FXAutoPtrRef< EType > src)
 Assign from FXAutoPtrRef.
template<typename T >
FXAutoPtroperator= (FXAutoPtr< T > &src)
 Assign from an automatic pointer with compatible type.
 operator EType * () const
 Conversion operators.
template<typename T >
 operator FXAutoPtr< T > () throw ()
 Conversion to FXAutoPtr of another type T.
template<typename T >
 operator FXAutoPtrRef< T > () throw ()
 Conversion to FXAutoPtrRef of another type T.
EType & operator* () const
 Dereference operator.
EType * operator-> () const
 Follow pointer operator.
EType & operator[] (FXival i) const
 Array indexing.
EType * release ()
 Release hold on the pointer.
FXAutoPtrreset (EType *p=nullptr)
 Delete old object, replace by new, if any.
 ~FXAutoPtr ()
 Destruction deletes pointer.

Detailed Description

template<typename EType>
class FX::FXAutoPtr< EType >

Automatic pointer.

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