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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CFX::FXArrayBaseArrayBase manages a memory buffer
 CFX::FXAutoPtr< EType >Automatic pointer
 CFX::FXAutoPtrRef< EType >Implicitly used FXAutoPtrRef to hand FXAutoPtr through implicitly called constructors and conversion operators
 CFX::FXAutoThreadStorageKeyAutomatically generated thread-local storage key
 CFX::FXBarrierBarrier with changeable threshold
 CFX::FXCallback< TYPE >
 CFX::FXCallback< Error() >
 CFX::FXCallback< Error(const FX::FXString &) >
 CFX::FXCallback< Error(const FX::FXString &, const FX::FXString &) >
 CFX::FXCallback< Error(const FX::FXString &, const FX::FXStringDictionary &) >
 CFX::FXCallback< RT()>
 CFX::FXCallback< RT(PT1)>
 CFX::FXCallback< RT(PT1, PT2)>
 CFX::FXCallback< RT(PT1, PT2, PT3)>
 CFX::FXCallback< RT(PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4)>
 CFX::FXCompletionA completion counter allows a single thread to monitor a number of ongoing concurrent activities for completion
 CFX::FXComplexdDouble-precision complex
 CFX::FXComplexfSingle-precision complex
 CFX::FXConditionA condition allows one or more threads to synchronize to an event
 CFX::FXDateGregorian date class, which is useful for calendrical calculations
 CFX::FXDCAbstract Device Context
 CFX::FXDictionaryThe dictionary class is a fast-access hash table, mapping strings to void-pointers
 CFX::FXDirDirectory enumerator
 CFX::FXDirVisitorDirectory visitor walks across all files and directories recursively, starting from the given path
 CFX::FXDLLWrap library module handle to allow various operations on libraries to be performed
 CFX::FXEventFOX Event
 CFX::FXEventLoopRecursive event loop
 CFX::FXExceptionGeneric catch-all exception
 CFX::FXExpressionExpression compiles a simple numerical expression into efficient byte-code for repeated evaluation
 CFX::FXFileAssocRegisters stuff to know about the extension
 CFX::FXFontDescFont description
 CFX::FXhalfHalf float (16-bit float)
 CFX::FXHashA hash table for mapping pointers to pointers
 CFX::FXHiliteStyleHighlight style entry
 CFX::FXIOFXIO is a base class for a generic i/o device
 CFX::FXJSONThe FXJSON serializer loads or saves an FXVariant to a JSON text file
 CFX::FXLFQueueLock-free queue of void pointers
 CFX::FXLightOpenGL Light Source
 CFX::FXLocaleLocale definitions
 CFX::FXMat2dDouble-precision 2x2 matrix
 CFX::FXMat2fSingle-precision 2x2 matrix
 CFX::FXMat3dDouble-precision 3x3 matrix
 CFX::FXMat3fSingle-precision 3x3 matrix
 CFX::FXMat4dDouble-precision 4x4 matrix
 CFX::FXMat4fSingle-precision 4x4 matrix
 CFX::FXMaterialOpenGL Material Description
 CFX::FXMetaClassDescribes a FOX object
 CFX::FXMutexFXMutex provides a mutex which can be used to enforce critical sections around updates of data shared by multiple threads
 CFX::FXObjectObject is the base class for all objects in FOX; in order to receive messages from the user interface, your class must derive from Object
 CFX::FXObjectListList of pointers to objects
 CFX::FXPrinterDescribes printer
 CFX::FXProcessExecutable process
 CFX::FXPSBoundsBounding box
 CFX::FXPtrListList of void pointers
 CFX::FXPtrQueueQueue of void pointers
 CFX::FXQuatdDouble-precision quaternion
 CFX::FXQuatfSingle-precision quaternion
 CFX::FXRandomFXRandom provides a thread-safe random number generator with a period of around 1.84E19
 CFX::FXReactorFXReactor implements the reactor pattern
 CFX::FXReadWriteLockFXReadWriteLock allows multiple readers but only a single writer
 CFX::FXRefPtr< EType >Pointer to shared object
 CFX::FXReverseDictionaryThe reverse dictionary class is a fast-access hash table, mapping void-pointers to strings
 CFX::FXReverseMutexThe Reverse Mutex unlocks its associated Mutex when entering the scope, and automatically relocks it upon exiting the scope
 CFX::FXRexFXRex is a regular expression class implementing a NFA matcher
 CFX::FXRunnableFXRunnable represents a generic runnable thing
 CFX::FXScopedMutexEstablish a correspondence between a C++ scope and a mutex, so that entering and leaving the scope in which the scoped lock is defined will automatically lock and unlock the associated mutex
 CFX::FXScopedReadLockScoped read lock
 CFX::FXScopedSpinLockEstablish a correspondence between a C++ scope and a spin lock, so that entering and leaving the scope in which the scoped lock is defined will automatically lock and unlock the associated spin lock
 CFX::FXScopedWriteLockScoped write lock
 CFX::FXSegmentLine segment
 CFX::FXSemaphoreA semaphore allows for protection of a resource that can be accessed by a fixed number of simultaneous threads
 CFX::FXSemaQueueSemaphore protected queue for a single producer and a single consumer thread
 CFX::FXSettingsThe Settings class manages a key-value database
 CFX::FXSpheredSpherical bounds
 CFX::FXSpherefSpherical bounds
 CFX::FXSpinLockFXSpinLock can be used to provide safe access to very small critical sections
 CFX::FXStatStatistics about a file or directory
 CFX::FXStreamA stream is a way to serialize data and objects into a byte stream
 CFX::FXStringFXString provides essential string manipulation capabilities in FOX
 CFX::FXStringDictionaryThe dictionary class maintains a fast-access hash table of entities indexed by a character string
 CFX::FXTablePosPosition in table
 CFX::FXTableRangeRange of table cells
 CFX::FXTaskGroupAn FXTaskGroup manages a number of tasks, executing on the associated FXThreadPool
 CFX::FXTextChangeText mutation callback data passed with the SEL_INSERTED, SEL_REPLACED, and SEL_DELETED messages; both old and new text is available on behalf of the undo system as well as syntax highlighting
 CFX::FXTextSelectionText selection data
 CFX::FXVariantA Variant type can hold any kind of object, be it a boolean, integer, real, string, or even array of Variants or dictionaries of variants
 CFX::FXVariantMapVariant map associates strings to variants using fast hash table
 CFX::FXVec2dDouble-precision 2-element vector
 CFX::FXVec2fSingle-precision 2-element vector
 CFX::FXVec3dDouble-precision 3-element vector
 CFX::FXVec3fSingle-precision 3-element vector
 CFX::FXVec4dDouble-precision 4-element vector
 CFX::FXVec4fSingle-precision 4-element vector
 CFX::FXViewportOpenGL Viewer Viewport
 CFX::FXWSQueueWork-stealing queue
 CFX::FXXMLThe XML serializer loads or saves data to xml text file
 CFX::FXSystem::TimeSystem Time in parts

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