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FX::FXDrawable Class Reference

Drawable is an abstract base class for any surface that can be drawn upon, such as a FXWindow, or FXImage. More...

#include <FXDrawable.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXDrawable:
FX::FXId FX::FXObject FX::FXBitmap FX::FXImage FX::FXWindow FX::FXBMPImage FX::FXDDSImage FX::FXEXEImage FX::FXGIFImage FX::FXICOImage FX::FXIcon FX::FXIFFImage FX::FXJP2Image FX::FXJPGImage FX::FXPCXImage FX::FXPNGImage FX::FXPPMImage FX::FXRASImage FX::FXRGBImage FX::FXTGAImage FX::FXTIFImage FX::FXWEBPImage FX::FXXBMImage FX::FXXPMImage FX::FXCalendarView FX::FXCanvas FX::FXComposite FX::FXDragCorner FX::FXFrame FX::FXMenuCaption FX::FXMenuSeparator FX::FXScrollBar FX::FXScrollCorner

Public Member Functions

FXVisualgetVisual () const
 Get the visual.
FXint getWidth () const
 Width of drawable.
FXint getHeight () const
 Height of drawable.
void setVisual (FXVisual *vis)
 Change visual.
virtual void resize (FXint w, FXint h)
 Resize drawable to the specified width and height.
virtual void save (FXStream &store) const
 Save object to stream.
virtual void load (FXStream &store)
 Load object from stream.
virtual ~FXDrawable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXId
FXAppgetApp () const
 Get application.
FXID id () const
 Get XID handle.
virtual void create ()
 Create resource.
virtual void detach ()
 Detach resource.
virtual void destroy ()
 Destroy resource.
void setUserData (FXptr ptr)
 Set user data pointer.
FXptr getUserData () const
 Get user data pointer.
virtual ~FXId ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXObject
const FXchar * getClassName () const
 Get class name of some object.
FXbool isMemberOf (const FXMetaClass *metaclass) const
 Check if object is member of metaclass.
virtual long tryHandle (FXObject *sender, FXSelector sel, void *ptr)
 Try handle message safely, catching certain exceptions.
virtual long onDefault (FXObject *, FXSelector, void *)
 Called for unhandled messages.
virtual ~FXObject ()
 Virtual destructor.

Protected Member Functions

 FXDrawable (FXApp *a, FXint w, FXint h)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FX::FXId
 FXId (FXApp *a)

Protected Attributes

FXint width
FXint height
- Protected Attributes inherited from FX::FXId
FXID xid


class FXDC
class FXDCWindow
class FXGLContext

Detailed Description

Drawable is an abstract base class for any surface that can be drawn upon, such as a FXWindow, or FXImage.

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