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FX::FXEventLoop Class Reference

Recursive event loop. More...

#include <FXEventLoop.h>

Public Types

enum  { ModalForNone = 0, ModalForWindow = 1, ModalForPopup = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 FXEventLoop (FXEventLoop **inv, FXWindow *win=nullptr, FXuint mode=0)
 Initialize event loop.
FXbool isModal () const
 Test if in a modal invocation.
FXbool isModal (FXWindow *win) const
 Test if in a modal invocation for window.
FXbool stopModal (FXint value)
 Break out of modal loop.
FXbool stopModal (FXWindow *win, FXint value)
 Break out of modal loop for window.
FXbool stop (FXint value)
 Break out of all event loops.
FXWindowwindow () const
 Return window of current modal event loop.
FXuint modality () const
 Return mode of this model event loop.
FXint result () const
 Return result-code of this loop.
FXbool done () const
 Return done flag.
 ~FXEventLoop ()
 Destroy event loop.

Detailed Description

Recursive event loop.

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