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FX::FXMat2f Class Reference

Single-precision 2x2 matrix. More...

#include <FXMat2f.h>

Public Member Functions

 FXMat2f ()
 Default constructor; value is not initialized.
 FXMat2f (FXfloat s)
 Initialize matrix from scalar.
 FXMat2f (const FXMat2f &s)
 Initialize matrix from another matrix.
 FXMat2f (const FXMat3f &s)
 Initialize from rotation and scaling part of 3x3 matrix.
 FXMat2f (const FXfloat s[])
 Initialize matrix from array.
 FXMat2f (FXfloat a, FXfloat b)
 Initialize diagonal matrix.
 FXMat2f (FXfloat a00, FXfloat a01, FXfloat a10, FXfloat a11)
 Initialize matrix from components.
 FXMat2f (const FXVec2f &a, const FXVec2f &b)
 Initialize matrix from three vectors.
FXMat2foperator= (FXfloat s)
 Assignment from scalar.
FXMat2foperator= (const FXMat2f &s)
FXMat2foperator= (const FXMat3f &s)
FXMat2foperator= (const FXfloat s[])
 Assignment from array.
FXMat2fset (FXfloat s)
 Set value from scalar.
FXMat2fset (const FXMat2f &s)
 Set value from another matrix.
FXMat2fset (const FXMat3f &s)
 Set from rotation and scaling part of 3x3 matrix.
FXMat2fset (const FXfloat s[])
 Set value from array.
FXMat2fset (FXfloat a, FXfloat b)
 Set diagonal matrix.
FXMat2fset (FXfloat a00, FXfloat a01, FXfloat a10, FXfloat a11)
 Set value from components.
FXMat2fset (const FXVec2f &a, const FXVec2f &b)
 Set value from two vectors.
FXMat2foperator+= (const FXMat2f &s)
 Assignment operators.
FXMat2foperator-= (const FXMat2f &s)
FXMat2foperator*= (const FXMat2f &s)
FXMat2foperator*= (FXfloat s)
FXMat2foperator/= (FXfloat s)
FXVec2foperator[] (FXint i)
const FXVec2foperator[] (FXint i) const
 operator FXfloat * ()
 operator const FXfloat * () const
FXMat2f operator- () const
 Unary minus.
FXMat2fidentity ()
 Set to identity matrix.
FXbool isIdentity () const
 Return true if identity matrix.
FXMat2frot (FXfloat c, FXfloat s)
 Multiply by rotation of phi.
FXMat2frot (FXfloat phi)
FXMat2fscale (FXfloat sx, FXfloat sy)
 Multiply by scaling.
FXMat2fscale (FXfloat s)
FXfloat det () const
FXMat2f transpose () const
FXMat2f invert () const
 ~FXMat2f ()

Protected Attributes

FXVec2f m [2]

Detailed Description

Single-precision 2x2 matrix.

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