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FX::FXProcess Class Reference

Executable process. More...

#include <FXProcess.h>

Public Member Functions

 FXProcess ()
 Create and initialize.
FXProcessID id () const
 Return handle of this process object.
FXbool start (const FXchar *exec, const FXchar *const *args, const FXchar *const *env=nullptr)
 Start subprocess.
void setInputStream (FXIODevice *is)
 Change input stream; handle must be Inheritable.
FXIODevicegetInputStream () const
 Return input stream.
void setOutputStream (FXIODevice *os)
 Change output stream; handle must be Inheritable.
FXIODevicegetOutputStream () const
 Return output stream.
void setErrorStream (FXIODevice *es)
 Change error stream; handle must be Inheritable.
FXIODevicegetErrorStream () const
 Return error stream.
FXbool suspend ()
 Suspend process.
FXbool resume ()
 Resume process.
FXbool kill ()
 Kill process.
FXbool wait ()
 Wait for child process.
FXbool wait (FXint &code)
 Wait for child process, returning exit code.
 ~FXProcess ()

Static Public Member Functions

static FXint current ()
 Get process id of calling process.
static FXInputHandle handle ()
 Get current process handle.
static void exit (FXint code=0)
 Exit calling process.

Detailed Description

Executable process.

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