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FX::FXRectangle Class Reference

Rectangle. More...

#include <FXRectangle.h>

Public Member Functions

 FXRectangle ()
 FXRectangle (FXshort xx, FXshort yy, FXshort ww, FXshort hh)
 FXRectangle (const FXRectangle &src)
 FXRectangle (const FXPoint &p, const FXSize &s)
 FXRectangle (const FXPoint &topleft, const FXPoint &bottomright)
FXbool empty () const
 Test if empty.
FXbool operator! () const
 Test if zero.
FXbool operator== (const FXRectangle &r) const
FXbool operator!= (const FXRectangle &r) const
FXbool contains (const FXPoint &p) const
 Point in rectangle.
FXbool contains (FXshort xx, FXshort yy) const
FXbool contains (const FXRectangle &r) const
 Rectangle properly contained in rectangle.
FXRectanglemove (const FXPoint &p)
 Return moved rectangle.
FXRectanglemove (FXshort dx, FXshort dy)
FXRectanglegrow (FXshort margin)
 Grow by amount.
FXRectanglegrow (FXshort hormargin, FXshort vermargin)
FXRectanglegrow (FXshort leftmargin, FXshort rightmargin, FXshort topmargin, FXshort bottommargin)
FXRectangleshrink (FXshort margin)
 Shrink by amount.
FXRectangleshrink (FXshort hormargin, FXshort vermargin)
FXRectangleshrink (FXshort leftmargin, FXshort rightmargin, FXshort topmargin, FXshort bottommargin)
FXPoint tl () const
FXPoint tr () const
FXPoint bl () const
FXPoint br () const
FXRectangleoperator= (const FXRectangle &r)
FXRectangleset (const FXRectangle &r)
 Set value from another rectangle.
FXRectangleset (const FXPoint &p, const FXSize &s)
 Set from point and size.
FXRectangleset (const FXPoint &topleft, const FXPoint &bottomright)
 Set from corners.
FXRectangleset (FXshort xx, FXshort yy, FXshort ww, FXshort hh)
 Set value from components.
void bite (FXRectangle pieces[], const FXRectangle &b) const
 Pieces of this rectangle after taking a bite out of it.
FXRectangleoperator+= (const FXRectangle &r)
 Union and intersection with rectangle.
FXRectangleoperator*= (const FXRectangle &r)
FXRectangle operator+ (const FXRectangle &r) const
 Union and intersection between rectangles.
FXRectangle operator* (const FXRectangle &r) const

Public Attributes

FXshort x
FXshort y
FXshort w
FXshort h

Detailed Description


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