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FX::FXRunnable Class Referenceabstract

FXRunnable represents a generic runnable thing. More...

#include <FXRunnable.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXRunnable:
FX::FXParallelCallFunctor< Functor > FX::FXParallelForFunctor< Functor, Index > FX::FXThread FX::FXThreadPool FX::FXScopedThread FX::FXWorker

Public Member Functions

 FXRunnable ()
 Construct a runnable.
virtual FXint run ()=0
 Subclasses should overload this function to perform actual work.
virtual ~FXRunnable ()
 Destroy a runnable.

Detailed Description

FXRunnable represents a generic runnable thing.

It serves primarily as a base class for FXThread and tasks in FXThreadPool. FXRunnable must be subclassed to reimplement an overloaded run() function, which is typically invoked by some thread.

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