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FX::FXVec2d Class Reference

Double-precision 2-element vector. More...

#include <FXVec2d.h>

Public Member Functions

 FXVec2d ()
 Default constructor; value is not initialized.
 FXVec2d (const FXVec2d &v)
 Initialize from another vector.
 FXVec2d (const FXdouble v[])
 Initialize from array of doubles.
 FXVec2d (FXdouble xx, FXdouble yy)
 Initialize from components.
FXdouble & operator[] (FXint i)
 Return a non-const reference to the ith element.
const FXdouble & operator[] (FXint i) const
 Return a const reference to the ith element.
FXVec2doperator= (const FXVec2d &v)
FXVec2doperator= (const FXdouble v[])
 Assignment from array of doubles.
FXVec2dset (const FXVec2d &v)
 Set value from another vector.
FXVec2dset (const FXdouble v[])
 Set value from array of doubles.
FXVec2dset (FXdouble xx, FXdouble yy)
 Set value from components.
FXVec2doperator*= (FXdouble n)
 Assigning operators.
FXVec2doperator/= (FXdouble n)
FXVec2doperator+= (const FXVec2d &v)
 Element-wise assigning operators.
FXVec2doperator-= (const FXVec2d &v)
FXVec2doperator%= (const FXVec2d &v)
FXVec2doperator/= (const FXVec2d &v)
 operator FXdouble * ()
 operator const FXdouble * () const
FXbool operator! () const
 Test if zero.
FXVec2d operator+ () const
FXVec2d operator- () const
FXdouble length2 () const
 Length and square of length.
FXdouble length () const
 ~FXVec2d ()

Public Attributes

FXdouble x
FXdouble y

Detailed Description

Double-precision 2-element vector.

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