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FX::FXWSQueue Class Reference

Work-stealing queue. More...

#include <FXWSQueue.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FXWSQueue (FXival sz=256)
 Create a queue and set its size to sz.
FXbool setSize (FXival sz)
 Change size of the queue.
FXival getSize () const
 Return size.
FXival getUsed () const
 Return number of used slots.
FXival getFree () const
 Return number of free slots.
FXbool isFull () const
 Check if queue is full.
FXbool isEmpty () const
 Check if queue is empty.
FXbool push (FXptr ptr)
 Push pointer.
FXbool pop (FXptr &ptr)
 Pop pointer.
FXbool take (FXptr &ptr)
 Take (steal) pointer.
virtual ~FXWSQueue ()
 Delete queue.

Detailed Description

Work-stealing queue.

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