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FX::FXhalf Class Reference

Half float (16-bit float) More...

#include <FXhalf.h>

Public Member Functions

 FXhalf (const FXhalf &h)
 FXhalf (FXfloat f)
 operator FXfloat () const
FXbool operator! () const
FXhalf operator+ () const
FXhalf operator- () const
FXbool operator== (FXhalf h) const
FXbool operator!= (FXhalf h) const
FXhalfoperator= (FXhalf h)
FXhalfoperator= (FXfloat f)
FXhalfoperator+= (FXhalf h)
FXhalfoperator+= (FXfloat f)
FXhalfoperator-= (FXhalf h)
FXhalfoperator-= (FXfloat f)
FXhalfoperator*= (FXhalf h)
FXhalfoperator*= (FXfloat f)
FXhalfoperator/= (FXhalf h)
FXhalfoperator/= (FXfloat f)

Detailed Description

Half float (16-bit float)

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