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FX::FXGLVisual Class Reference

Visual describes pixel format of a drawable. More...

#include <FXGLVisual.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXGLVisual:

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Public Member Functions

 FXGLVisual (FXApp *a, FXuint flags)
virtual void create ()
virtual void detach ()
virtual void destroy ()
FXint getRedSize () const
FXint getGreenSize () const
FXint getBlueSize () const
FXint getAlphaSize () const
FXint getDepthSize () const
FXint getStencilSize () const
FXint getAccumRedSize () const
FXint getAccumGreenSize () const
FXint getAccumBlueSize () const
FXint getAccumAlphaSize () const
void setRedSize (FXint rs)
void setGreenSize (FXint gs)
void setBlueSize (FXint bs)
void setAlphaSize (FXint as)
void setDepthSize (FXint ds)
void setStencilSize (FXint ss)
void setAccumRedSize (FXint rs)
void setAccumGreenSize (FXint gs)
void setAccumBlueSize (FXint bs)
void setAccumAlphaSize (FXint as)
FXint getActualRedSize () const
FXint getActualGreenSize () const
FXint getActualBlueSize () const
FXint getActualAlphaSize () const
FXint getActualDepthSize () const
FXint getActualStencilSize () const
FXint getActualAccumRedSize () const
FXint getActualAccumGreenSize () const
FXint getActualAccumBlueSize () const
FXint getActualAccumAlphaSize () const
FXbool isDoubleBuffer () const
FXbool isStereo () const
FXbool isAccelerated () const
FXbool isBufferSwapCopy () const
virtual void save (FXStream &store) const
virtual void load (FXStream &store)
virtual ~FXGLVisual ()

Static Public Member Functions

FXbool supported (FXApp *application, int &major, int &minor)

Detailed Description

Visual describes pixel format of a drawable.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FX::FXGLVisual::FXGLVisual FXApp a,
FXuint  flags

Construct default visual.

virtual FX::FXGLVisual::~FXGLVisual  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

FXbool FX::FXGLVisual::supported FXApp application,
int &  major,
int &  minor

Test if OpenGL is possible, and what level is supported.

Because of remote display capability, the display server may support a different level of OpenGL than the client; it may even support no OpenGL at all! This function returns the lesser of the client support level and the display server support level.

virtual void FX::FXGLVisual::create  )  [virtual]

Create visual.

Reimplemented from FX::FXVisual.

virtual void FX::FXGLVisual::detach  )  [virtual]

Detach visual.

Reimplemented from FX::FXVisual.

virtual void FX::FXGLVisual::destroy  )  [virtual]

Destroy visual.

Reimplemented from FX::FXVisual.

FXint FX::FXGLVisual::getRedSize  )  const [inline]

Get sizes for bit-planes.

void FX::FXGLVisual::setRedSize FXint  rs  )  [inline]

Set sizes for bit-planes.

FXint FX::FXGLVisual::getActualRedSize  )  const

Get ACTUAL sizes for bit-planes.

FXbool FX::FXGLVisual::isDoubleBuffer  )  const

Is it double buffered?

FXbool FX::FXGLVisual::isStereo  )  const

Is it stereo?

FXbool FX::FXGLVisual::isAccelerated  )  const

Is it hardware-accelerated?

FXbool FX::FXGLVisual::isBufferSwapCopy  )  const

Does it swap by copying instead of flipping buffers.

virtual void FX::FXGLVisual::save FXStream store  )  const [virtual]

Save visual info to a stream.

Reimplemented from FX::FXVisual.

virtual void FX::FXGLVisual::load FXStream store  )  [virtual]

Load visual info to a stream.

Reimplemented from FX::FXVisual.

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