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FX::FXVec4d Class Reference

Double-precision 4-element vector. More...

#include <FXVec4d.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXVec4d:

FX::FXQuatd List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 FXVec4d ()
 FXVec4d (const FXVec4d &v)
 FXVec4d (const FXVec3d &v)
 FXVec4d (const FXdouble v[])
 FXVec4d (FXdouble xx, FXdouble yy, FXdouble zz, FXdouble ww=1.0)
 FXVec4d (FXColor color)
FXdouble & operator[] (FXint i)
const FXdouble & operator[] (FXint i) const
FXVec4doperator= (FXColor color)
FXVec4doperator= (const FXVec3d &v)
FXVec4doperator= (const FXVec4d &v)
FXVec4doperator= (const FXdouble v[])
FXVec4doperator *= (FXdouble n)
FXVec4doperator/= (FXdouble n)
FXVec4doperator+= (const FXVec4d &v)
FXVec4doperator-= (const FXVec4d &v)
 operator FXdouble * ()
 operator const FXdouble * () const
 operator FXVec3d & ()
 operator const FXVec3d & () const
 operator FXColor () const

Public Attributes

FXdouble x
FXdouble y
FXdouble z
FXdouble w


FXVec4d operator+ (const FXVec4d &v)
FXVec4d operator- (const FXVec4d &v)
FXVec4d operator+ (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
FXVec4d operator- (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
FXVec4d operator * (const FXVec4d &a, FXdouble n)
FXVec4d operator * (FXdouble n, const FXVec4d &a)
FXVec4d operator/ (const FXVec4d &a, FXdouble n)
FXVec4d operator/ (FXdouble n, const FXVec4d &a)
FXdouble operator * (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
int operator! (const FXVec4d &a)
int operator== (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
int operator!= (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
int operator== (const FXVec4d &a, FXdouble n)
int operator!= (const FXVec4d &a, FXdouble n)
int operator== (FXdouble n, const FXVec4d &a)
int operator!= (FXdouble n, const FXVec4d &a)
int operator< (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
int operator<= (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
int operator> (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
int operator>= (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
int operator< (const FXVec4d &a, FXdouble n)
int operator<= (const FXVec4d &a, FXdouble n)
int operator> (const FXVec4d &a, FXdouble n)
int operator>= (const FXVec4d &a, FXdouble n)
int operator< (FXdouble n, const FXVec4d &a)
int operator<= (FXdouble n, const FXVec4d &a)
int operator> (FXdouble n, const FXVec4d &a)
int operator>= (FXdouble n, const FXVec4d &a)
FXdouble len2 (const FXVec4d &a)
FXdouble len (const FXVec4d &a)
FXVec4d normalize (const FXVec4d &a)
FXVec4d lo (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
FXVec4d hi (const FXVec4d &a, const FXVec4d &b)
FXStreamoperator<< (FXStream &store, const FXVec4d &v)
FXStreamoperator>> (FXStream &store, FXVec4d &v)

Detailed Description

Double-precision 4-element vector.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FX::FXVec4d::FXVec4d  )  [inline]

Default constructor.

FX::FXVec4d::FXVec4d const FXVec4d v  )  [inline]

Copy constructor.

FX::FXVec4d::FXVec4d const FXVec3d v  )  [inline]

Initialize with 3-vector.

FX::FXVec4d::FXVec4d FXdouble  xx,
FXdouble  yy,
FXdouble  zz,
FXdouble  ww = 1.0

Initialize with components.

FX::FXVec4d::FXVec4d FXColor  color  ) 

Initialize with color.

Member Function Documentation

FXdouble& FX::FXVec4d::operator[] FXint  i  )  [inline]

Return a non-const reference to the ith element.

const FXdouble& FX::FXVec4d::operator[] FXint  i  )  const [inline]

Return a const reference to the ith element.

FXVec4d& FX::FXVec4d::operator= FXColor  color  ) 

Assign color.

FXVec4d& FX::FXVec4d::operator= const FXVec3d v  )  [inline]


FXVec4d& FX::FXVec4d::operator= const FXdouble  v[]  )  [inline]

Assignment from array of floats.

FXVec4d& FX::FXVec4d::operator *= FXdouble  n  )  [inline]

Assigning operators.

FX::FXVec4d::operator FXdouble *  )  [inline]


FX::FXVec4d::operator FXColor  )  const

Convert to color.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

FXVec4d operator+ const FXVec4d v  )  [friend]


FXVec4d operator+ const FXVec4d a,
const FXVec4d b


FXVec4d operator- const FXVec4d a,
const FXVec4d b


FXVec4d operator * const FXVec4d a,
FXdouble  n


FXdouble operator * const FXVec4d a,
const FXVec4d b

Dot product.

int operator! const FXVec4d a  )  [friend]

Test if zero.

int operator== const FXVec4d a,
const FXVec4d b

Equality tests.

int operator< const FXVec4d a,
const FXVec4d b

Inequality tests.

FXdouble len2 const FXVec4d a  )  [friend]

Length and square of length.

FXVec4d normalize const FXVec4d a  )  [friend]

Normalize vector.

FXVec4d lo const FXVec4d a,
const FXVec4d b

Lowest or highest components.

FXStream& operator<< FXStream store,
const FXVec4d v

Save to a stream.

FXStream& operator>> FXStream store,
FXVec4d v

Load from a stream.

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