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FX::FXEvent Struct Reference

FOX Event. More...

#include <FXApp.h>

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Public Attributes

FXuint type
FXuint time
FXint win_x
FXint win_y
FXint root_x
FXint root_y
FXint state
FXint code
FXString text
FXint last_x
FXint last_y
FXint click_x
FXint click_y
FXint rootclick_x
FXint rootclick_y
FXuint click_time
FXuint click_button
FXint click_count
FXbool moved
FXRectangle rect
FXbool synthetic
FXDragType target

Detailed Description

FOX Event.

Member Data Documentation

FXuint FX::FXEvent::time

Event type.

FXint FX::FXEvent::win_x

Time of last event.

FXint FX::FXEvent::win_y

Window-relative x-coord.

FXint FX::FXEvent::root_x

Window-relative y-coord.

FXint FX::FXEvent::root_y

Root x-coord.

FXint FX::FXEvent::state

Root y-coord.

FXint FX::FXEvent::code

Keyboard/Modifier state.

FXString FX::FXEvent::text

Button, Keysym, or mode; DDE Source.

FXint FX::FXEvent::last_x

Text of keyboard event.

FXint FX::FXEvent::last_y

Window-relative x-coord of previous mouse location.

FXint FX::FXEvent::click_x

Window-relative y-coord of previous mouse location.

FXint FX::FXEvent::click_y

Window-relative x-coord of mouse press.

FXint FX::FXEvent::rootclick_x

Window-relative y-coord of mouse press.

FXint FX::FXEvent::rootclick_y

Root-relative x-coord of mouse press.

FXuint FX::FXEvent::click_time

Root-relative y-coord of mouse press.

FXuint FX::FXEvent::click_button

Time of mouse button press.

FXint FX::FXEvent::click_count

Mouse button pressed.

FXbool FX::FXEvent::moved


FXRectangle FX::FXEvent::rect

Moved cursor since press.

FXbool FX::FXEvent::synthetic


FXDragType FX::FXEvent::target

True if synthetic expose event.

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