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FX::FXFileAssoc Struct Reference

Registers stuff to know about the extension. More...

#include <FXFileDict.h>

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Public Attributes

FXString command
FXString extension
FXString mimetype
FXDragType dragtype
FXuint flags

Detailed Description

Registers stuff to know about the extension.

Member Data Documentation

FXString FX::FXFileAssoc::extension

Command to execute.

FXString FX::FXFileAssoc::mimetype

Full extension name.

FXIcon* FX::FXFileAssoc::bigicon

Mime type name.

FXIcon* FX::FXFileAssoc::bigiconopen

Big normal icon.

FXIcon* FX::FXFileAssoc::miniicon

Big open icon.

FXIcon* FX::FXFileAssoc::miniiconopen

Mini normal icon.

FXDragType FX::FXFileAssoc::dragtype

Mini open icon.

FXuint FX::FXFileAssoc::flags

Registered drag type.

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