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FX::FXOption Class Reference

Option Menu Button. More...

#include <FXOptionMenu.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXOption:

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Public Member Functions

 FXOption (FXComposite *p, const FXString &text, FXIcon *ic=NULL, FXObject *tgt=NULL, FXSelector sel=0, FXuint opts=JUSTIFY_NORMAL|ICON_BEFORE_TEXT, FXint x=0, FXint y=0, FXint w=0, FXint h=0, FXint pl=DEFAULT_PAD, FXint pr=DEFAULT_PAD, FXint pt=DEFAULT_PAD, FXint pb=DEFAULT_PAD)
virtual FXint getDefaultWidth ()
virtual FXint getDefaultHeight ()
virtual bool canFocus () const
virtual void setFocus ()
virtual void killFocus ()
void setSelBackColor (FXColor clr)
FXColor getSelBackColor () const
void setSelTextColor (FXColor clr)
FXColor getSelTextColor () const
virtual ~FXOption ()

Detailed Description

Option Menu Button.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FX::FXOption::FXOption FXComposite p,
const FXString text,
FXIcon ic = NULL,
FXObject tgt = NULL,
FXSelector  sel = 0,
FXint  x = 0,
FXint  y = 0,
FXint  w = 0,
FXint  h = 0,
FXint  pl = DEFAULT_PAD,
FXint  pr = DEFAULT_PAD,
FXint  pt = DEFAULT_PAD,


virtual FX::FXOption::~FXOption  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual FXint FX::FXOption::getDefaultWidth  )  [virtual]

Return default width.

Reimplemented from FX::FXLabel.

virtual FXint FX::FXOption::getDefaultHeight  )  [virtual]

Return default height.

Reimplemented from FX::FXLabel.

virtual bool FX::FXOption::canFocus  )  const [virtual]

Returns true because a menu button can receive focus.

Reimplemented from FX::FXWindow.

virtual void FX::FXOption::setFocus  )  [virtual]

Set focus to this window.

Reimplemented from FX::FXWindow.

virtual void FX::FXOption::killFocus  )  [virtual]

Remove the focus from this window.

Reimplemented from FX::FXWindow.

void FX::FXOption::setSelBackColor FXColor  clr  ) 

Return the selection background color.

FXColor FX::FXOption::getSelBackColor  )  const [inline]

Return the selection background color.

void FX::FXOption::setSelTextColor FXColor  clr  ) 

Return the selection text color.

FXColor FX::FXOption::getSelTextColor  )  const [inline]

Return the selection text color.

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