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FX::FXColorItem Class Reference

Color item. More...

#include <FXColorList.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXColorItem:
FX::FXListItem FX::FXObject

Public Member Functions

 FXColorItem (const FXString &text, FXColor clr, void *ptr=nullptr)
 Construct new item with given text, color, and user-data.
void setColor (FXColor clr)
 Change item's color.
FXColor getColor () const
 Return item's color.
virtual FXint getWidth (const FXList *list) const
 Return width of item as drawn in list.
virtual FXint getHeight (const FXList *list) const
 Return height of item as drawn in list.
- Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXListItem
 FXListItem (const FXString &text, FXIcon *ic=nullptr, FXptr ptr=nullptr)
 Construct new item with given text, icon, and user-data.
virtual void setText (const FXString &txt)
 Change item's text label.
const FXStringgetText () const
 Return item's text label.
virtual void setIcon (FXIcon *icn, FXbool owned=false)
 Change item's icon, deleting the old icon if it was owned.
FXIcongetIcon () const
 Return item's icon.
void setData (FXptr ptr)
 Change item's user data.
FXptr getData () const
 Get item's user data.
virtual void setFocus (FXbool focus)
 Make item draw as focused.
FXbool hasFocus () const
 Return true if item has focus.
virtual void setSelected (FXbool selected)
 Select item.
FXbool isSelected () const
 Return true if this item is selected.
virtual void setEnabled (FXbool enabled)
 Enable or disable item.
FXbool isEnabled () const
 Return true if this item is enabled.
virtual void setDraggable (FXbool draggable)
 Make item draggable.
FXbool isDraggable () const
 Return true if this item is draggable.
virtual FXString getTipText () const
 Return tip text.
virtual void create ()
 Create server-side resources.
virtual void detach ()
 Detach server-side resources.
virtual void destroy ()
 Destroy server-side resources.
virtual void save (FXStream &store) const
 Save to stream.
virtual void load (FXStream &store)
 Load from stream.
virtual ~FXListItem ()
 Destroy item and free icons if owned.
- Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXObject
const FXchar * getClassName () const
 Get class name of some object.
FXbool isMemberOf (const FXMetaClass *metaclass) const
 Check if object is member of metaclass.
virtual long tryHandle (FXObject *sender, FXSelector sel, void *ptr)
 Try handle message safely, catching certain exceptions.
virtual long onDefault (FXObject *, FXSelector, void *)
 Called for unhandled messages.
virtual ~FXObject ()
 Virtual destructor.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void draw (const FXList *list, FXDC &dc, FXint x, FXint y, FXint w, FXint h) const
virtual FXint hitItem (const FXList *list, FXint x, FXint y) const

Protected Attributes

FXColor color
- Protected Attributes inherited from FX::FXListItem
FXString label
FXptr data
FXuint state
FXint x
FXint y

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from FX::FXListItem
enum  {

Detailed Description

Color item.

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