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FX::FXQuatf Class Reference

Single-precision quaternion. More...

#include <FXQuatf.h>

Public Member Functions

 FXQuatf ()
 Default constructor; value is not initialized.
 FXQuatf (const FXQuatf &q)
 Copy constructor.
 FXQuatf (const FXfloat v[])
 Construct from array of floats.
 FXQuatf (FXfloat xx, FXfloat yy, FXfloat zz, FXfloat ww)
 Construct from components.
 FXQuatf (const FXVec3f &fr, const FXVec3f &to)
 Construct quaternion from two unit vectors.
 FXQuatf (const FXVec3f &axis, FXfloat phi=0.0f)
 Construct from axis and angle.
 FXQuatf (FXfloat roll, FXfloat pitch, FXfloat yaw)
 Construct from euler angles yaw (z), pitch (y), and roll (x)
 FXQuatf (const FXVec3f &ex, const FXVec3f &ey, const FXVec3f &ez)
 Construct quaternion from three axes.
FXfloat & operator[] (FXint i)
 Return a non-const reference to the ith element.
const FXfloat & operator[] (FXint i) const
 Return a const reference to the ith element.
FXQuatfoperator= (const FXQuatf &v)
FXQuatfoperator= (const FXfloat v[])
 Assignment from array of doubles.
FXQuatfset (const FXQuatf &v)
 Set value from another vector.
FXQuatfset (const FXfloat v[])
 Set value from array of floats.
FXQuatfset (FXfloat xx, FXfloat yy, FXfloat zz, FXfloat ww)
 Set value from components.
FXQuatfoperator*= (FXfloat n)
 Assigning operators.
FXQuatfoperator/= (FXfloat n)
FXQuatfoperator+= (const FXQuatf &v)
FXQuatfoperator-= (const FXQuatf &v)
FXQuatfoperator*= (const FXQuatf &b)
FXQuatfoperator/= (const FXQuatf &b)
 operator FXfloat * ()
 operator const FXfloat * () const
FXbool operator! () const
 Test if zero.
FXQuatf operator+ () const
FXQuatf operator- () const
FXVec3f operator* (const FXVec3f &v) const
 Rotation of a vector by a quaternion.
FXfloat length2 () const
 Length and square of length.
FXfloat length () const
FXQuatfadjust ()
 Adjust quaternion length.
void setAxisAngle (const FXVec3f &axis, FXfloat phi=0.0f)
 Set quaternion from axis and angle.
void getAxisAngle (FXVec3f &axis, FXfloat &phi) const
 Obtain axis and angle from quaternion.
void setRollPitchYaw (FXfloat roll, FXfloat pitch, FXfloat yaw)
 Set quaternion from roll (x), pitch (y), yaw (z)
void getRollPitchYaw (FXfloat &roll, FXfloat &pitch, FXfloat &yaw) const
void setYawPitchRoll (FXfloat yaw, FXfloat pitch, FXfloat roll)
 Set quaternion from yaw (z), pitch (y), roll (x)
void getYawPitchRoll (FXfloat &yaw, FXfloat &pitch, FXfloat &roll) const
void setRollYawPitch (FXfloat roll, FXfloat yaw, FXfloat pitch)
 Set quaternion from roll (x), yaw (z), pitch (y)
void getRollYawPitch (FXfloat &roll, FXfloat &yaw, FXfloat &pitch) const
void setPitchRollYaw (FXfloat pitch, FXfloat roll, FXfloat yaw)
 Set quaternion from pitch (y), roll (x),yaw (z)
void getPitchRollYaw (FXfloat &pitch, FXfloat &roll, FXfloat &yaw) const
void setPitchYawRoll (FXfloat pitch, FXfloat yaw, FXfloat roll)
 Set quaternion from pitch (y), yaw (z), roll (x)
void getPitchYawRoll (FXfloat &pitch, FXfloat &yaw, FXfloat &roll) const
void setYawRollPitch (FXfloat yaw, FXfloat roll, FXfloat pitch)
 Set quaternion from yaw (z), roll (x), pitch (y)
void getYawRollPitch (FXfloat &yaw, FXfloat &roll, FXfloat &pitch) const
void setAxes (const FXVec3f &ex, const FXVec3f &ey, const FXVec3f &ez)
 Set quaternion from axes.
void getAxes (FXVec3f &ex, FXVec3f &ey, FXVec3f &ez) const
 Get quaternion axes.
FXVec3f getXAxis () const
 Obtain local x axis.
FXVec3f getYAxis () const
 Obtain local y axis.
FXVec3f getZAxis () const
 Obtain local z axis.
FXQuatf exp () const
 Exponentiate quaternion.
FXQuatf log () const
 Take logarithm of quaternion.
FXQuatf pow (FXfloat t) const
 Power of quaternion.
FXQuatf invert () const
 Invert quaternion.
FXQuatf unitinvert () const
 Invert unit quaternion.
FXQuatf conj () const
 Conjugate quaternion.
 ~FXQuatf ()

Public Attributes

FXfloat x
FXfloat y
FXfloat z
FXfloat w

Detailed Description

Single-precision quaternion.

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