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FX::FXOptionMenu Class Reference

Option Menu. More...

#include <FXOptionMenu.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXOptionMenu:

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Public Member Functions

 FXOptionMenu (FXComposite *p, FXPopup *pup=NULL, FXuint opts=JUSTIFY_NORMAL|ICON_BEFORE_TEXT, FXint x=0, FXint y=0, FXint w=0, FXint h=0, FXint pl=DEFAULT_PAD, FXint pr=DEFAULT_PAD, FXint pt=DEFAULT_PAD, FXint pb=DEFAULT_PAD)
virtual void create ()
virtual void detach ()
virtual void destroy ()
virtual void layout ()
virtual void killFocus ()
virtual FXint getDefaultWidth ()
virtual FXint getDefaultHeight ()
virtual FXbool contains (FXint parentx, FXint parenty) const
void setCurrent (FXOption *win, FXbool notify=FALSE)
FXOptiongetCurrent () const
void setCurrentNo (FXint no, FXbool notify=FALSE)
FXint getCurrentNo () const
FXint getNumOptions () const
void setMenu (FXPopup *pup)
FXPopupgetMenu () const
virtual FXbool canFocus () const
FXbool isPopped () const
virtual void save (FXStream &store) const
virtual void load (FXStream &store)
virtual ~FXOptionMenu ()

Detailed Description

Option Menu.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FX::FXOptionMenu::FXOptionMenu FXComposite p,
FXPopup pup = NULL,
FXint  x = 0,
FXint  y = 0,
FXint  w = 0,
FXint  h = 0,
FXint  pl = DEFAULT_PAD,
FXint  pr = DEFAULT_PAD,
FXint  pt = DEFAULT_PAD,


virtual FX::FXOptionMenu::~FXOptionMenu  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void FX::FXOptionMenu::create  )  [virtual]

Create server-side resources.

Reimplemented from FX::FXLabel.

virtual void FX::FXOptionMenu::detach  )  [virtual]

Detach server-side resources.

Reimplemented from FX::FXLabel.

virtual void FX::FXOptionMenu::destroy  )  [virtual]

Delete server-side resources.

Reimplemented from FX::FXWindow.

virtual void FX::FXOptionMenu::layout  )  [virtual]

Perform layout.

Reimplemented from FX::FXWindow.

virtual void FX::FXOptionMenu::killFocus  )  [virtual]

Remove the focus from this window.

Reimplemented from FX::FXWindow.

virtual FXint FX::FXOptionMenu::getDefaultWidth  )  [virtual]

Return default width.

Reimplemented from FX::FXLabel.

virtual FXint FX::FXOptionMenu::getDefaultHeight  )  [virtual]

Return default height.

Reimplemented from FX::FXLabel.

virtual FXbool FX::FXOptionMenu::contains FXint  parentx,
FXint  parenty
const [virtual]

Return TRUE if the position is logically in the pane.

Reimplemented from FX::FXWindow.

void FX::FXOptionMenu::setCurrent FXOption win,
FXbool  notify = FALSE

Set the current option.

FXOption* FX::FXOptionMenu::getCurrent  )  const [inline]

Return the current option.

void FX::FXOptionMenu::setCurrentNo FXint  no,
FXbool  notify = FALSE

Set the current option number.

FXint FX::FXOptionMenu::getCurrentNo  )  const

Get the current option number.

FXint FX::FXOptionMenu::getNumOptions  )  const

Get number of options.

void FX::FXOptionMenu::setMenu FXPopup pup  ) 

Set the pane which will be popped up.

FXPopup* FX::FXOptionMenu::getMenu  )  const [inline]

Return the pane which is poppup up.

virtual FXbool FX::FXOptionMenu::canFocus  )  const [virtual]

Returns true because a option menu can receive focus.

Reimplemented from FX::FXWindow.

FXbool FX::FXOptionMenu::isPopped  )  const

Return TRUE if popped up.

virtual void FX::FXOptionMenu::save FXStream store  )  const [virtual]

Save option menu to a stream.

Reimplemented from FX::FXLabel.

virtual void FX::FXOptionMenu::load FXStream store  )  [virtual]

Load option menu from a stream.

Reimplemented from FX::FXLabel.

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