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FX::FXTabBook Class Reference

The tab book layout manager arranges pairs of children; the even numbered children (0,2,4,. More...

#include <FXTabBook.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXTabBook:

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Public Member Functions

 FXTabBook (FXComposite *p, FXObject *tgt=NULL, FXSelector sel=0, FXuint opts=TABBOOK_NORMAL, FXint x=0, FXint y=0, FXint w=0, FXint h=0, FXint pl=DEFAULT_SPACING, FXint pr=DEFAULT_SPACING, FXint pt=DEFAULT_SPACING, FXint pb=DEFAULT_SPACING)
virtual void layout ()
virtual FXint getDefaultWidth ()
virtual FXint getDefaultHeight ()

Detailed Description

The tab book layout manager arranges pairs of children; the even numbered children (0,2,4,.

..) are usually tab items, and are placed on the top. The odd numbered children are usually layout managers, and are placed below; all the odd numbered children are placed on top of each other, similar to the switcher widget. When the user presses one of the tab items, the tab item is raised above the neighboring tabs, and the corresponding panel is raised to the top. Thus, a tab book can be used to present many GUI controls in a small space by placing several panels on top of each other and using tab items to select the desired panel. When one of the tab items is pressed, the tab book's setCurrent() is called with notify=TRUE. Thus causes the tab book to send a SEL_COMMAND message to its target.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FX::FXTabBook::FXTabBook FXComposite p,
FXObject tgt = NULL,
FXSelector  sel = 0,
FXuint  opts = TABBOOK_NORMAL,
FXint  x = 0,
FXint  y = 0,
FXint  w = 0,
FXint  h = 0,

Construct tab book.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void FX::FXTabBook::layout  )  [virtual]

Perform layout.

Reimplemented from FX::FXTabBar.

virtual FXint FX::FXTabBook::getDefaultWidth  )  [virtual]

Return default width.

Reimplemented from FX::FXTabBar.

virtual FXint FX::FXTabBook::getDefaultHeight  )  [virtual]

Return default height.

Reimplemented from FX::FXTabBar.

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