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FX::FXApp Class Reference

Application Object. More...

#include <FXApp.h>

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Public Types

enum  {
  ID_QUIT = 1,

Public Member Functions

 FXApp (const FXString &name="Application", const FXString &vendor="FoxDefault")
const FXStringgetAppName () const
const FXStringgetVendorName () const
bool openDisplay (const FXchar *dpyname=NULL)
bool closeDisplay ()
void * getDisplay () const
bool isInitialized () const
FXint getArgc () const
const FXchar *const * getArgv () const
bool hasInputMethod () const
FXVisualgetDefaultVisual () const
void setDefaultVisual (FXVisual *vis)
FXVisualgetMonoVisual () const
FXRootWindowgetRootWindow () const
void setRootWindow (FXRootWindow *rt)
FXWindowgetFocusWindow () const
FXWindowgetCursorWindow () const
FXWindowgetActiveWindow () const
FXPopupgetPopupWindow () const
FXWindowfindWindowWithId (FXID xid) const
FXWindowfindWindowAt (FXint rx, FXint ry, FXID window=0) const
virtual void create ()
virtual void destroy ()
virtual void detach ()
void addTimeout (FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel, FXuint ms=1000, void *ptr=NULL)
void removeTimeout (FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel)
bool hasTimeout (FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel) const
FXuint remainingTimeout (FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel)
void handleTimeouts ()
void addChore (FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel, void *ptr=NULL)
void removeChore (FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel)
bool hasChore (FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel) const
void addSignal (FXint sig, FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel, FXbool immediate=FALSE, FXuint flags=0)
void removeSignal (FXint sig)
bool addInput (FXInputHandle fd, FXuint mode, FXObject *tgt, FXSelector sel)
bool removeInput (FXInputHandle fd, FXuint mode)
bool getKeyState (FXuint keysym) const
bool peekEvent ()
bool runOneEvent (bool blocking=true)
FXint run ()
FXint runUntil (FXuint &condition)
FXint runWhileEvents ()
FXint runModalWhileEvents (FXWindow *window=NULL)
FXint runModal ()
FXint runModalFor (FXWindow *window)
FXint runModalWhileShown (FXWindow *window)
FXint runPopup (FXWindow *window)
bool isModal (FXWindow *window) const
FXWindowgetModalWindow () const
FXModality getModality () const
void stop (FXint value=0)
void stopModal (FXWindow *window, FXint value=0)
void stopModal (FXint value=0)
void forceRefresh ()
void refresh ()
void flush (bool sync=false)
void repaint ()
virtual void init (int &argc, char **argv, bool connect=true)
virtual void exit (FXint code=0)
FXRegistryreg ()
FXDragType registerDragType (const FXString &name) const
FXString getDragTypeName (FXDragType type) const
FXWindowgetDragWindow () const
void beep ()
void setNormalFont (FXFont *font)
FXFontgetNormalFont () const
void beginWaitCursor ()
void endWaitCursor ()
void setWaitCursor (FXCursor *cur)
FXCursorgetWaitCursor () const
FXCursorgetDefaultCursor (FXDefaultCursor which) const
void setDefaultCursor (FXDefaultCursor which, FXCursor *cur)
FXbool writeWindow (FXStream &store, FXWindow *window)
FXbool readWindow (FXStream &store, FXWindow *&window, FXWindow *father, FXWindow *owner)
FXMutexmutex ()
void setTranslator (FXTranslator *trans)
FXTranslatorgetTranslator () const
FXuint getTypingSpeed () const
FXuint getClickSpeed () const
FXuint getScrollSpeed () const
FXuint getScrollDelay () const
FXuint getBlinkSpeed () const
FXuint getAnimSpeed () const
FXuint getMenuPause () const
FXuint getTooltipPause () const
FXuint getTooltipTime () const
FXint getDragDelta () const
FXint getWheelLines () const
FXint getScrollBarSize () const
void setTypingSpeed (FXuint speed)
void setClickSpeed (FXuint speed)
void setScrollSpeed (FXuint speed)
void setScrollDelay (FXuint delay)
void setBlinkSpeed (FXuint speed)
void setAnimSpeed (FXuint speed)
void setMenuPause (FXuint pause)
void setTooltipPause (FXuint pause)
void setTooltipTime (FXuint time)
void setDragDelta (FXint delta)
void setWheelLines (FXint lines)
void setScrollBarSize (FXint size)
FXColor getBorderColor () const
FXColor getBaseColor () const
FXColor getHiliteColor () const
FXColor getShadowColor () const
FXColor getBackColor () const
FXColor getForeColor () const
FXColor getSelforeColor () const
FXColor getSelbackColor () const
FXColor getTipforeColor () const
FXColor getTipbackColor () const
FXColor getSelMenuTextColor () const
FXColor getSelMenuBackColor () const
void setBorderColor (FXColor color)
void setBaseColor (FXColor color)
void setHiliteColor (FXColor color)
void setShadowColor (FXColor color)
void setBackColor (FXColor color)
void setForeColor (FXColor color)
void setSelforeColor (FXColor color)
void setSelbackColor (FXColor color)
void setTipforeColor (FXColor color)
void setTipbackColor (FXColor color)
void setSelMenuTextColor (FXColor color)
void setSelMenuBackColor (FXColor color)
FXuint getWindowCount () const
virtual void save (FXStream &store) const
virtual void load (FXStream &store)
void dumpWidgets () const
virtual ~FXApp ()

Static Public Member Functions

static FXAppinstance ()

Static Public Attributes

static const FXuchar copyright []


class FXId
class FXBitmap
class FXImage
class FXIcon
class FXCursor
class FXDrawable
class FXWindow
class FXShell
class FXRootWindow
class FXTopWindow
class FXMainWindow
class FXPopup
class FXFont
class FXVisual
class FXGLVisual
class FXGLContext
class FXDC
class FXDCWindow
class FXDragCorner
class FXDockHandler
class FXComposeContext

Detailed Description

Application Object.

See also:

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Messages applications understand.

Enumeration values:
ID_QUIT  Terminate the application normally.
ID_DUMP  Dump the current widget tree.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FX::FXApp::FXApp const FXString name = "Application",
const FXString vendor = "FoxDefault"

Construct application object; the name and vendor strings are used as keys into the registry database for this application's settings.

Only one single application object can be constructed.

virtual FX::FXApp::~FXApp  )  [virtual]

Destroy the application and all reachable resources.

Member Function Documentation

const FXString& FX::FXApp::getAppName  )  const [inline]

Get application name.

const FXString& FX::FXApp::getVendorName  )  const [inline]

Get vendor name.

bool FX::FXApp::openDisplay const FXchar dpyname = NULL  ) 

Connection to display; this is called by init().

bool FX::FXApp::closeDisplay  ) 

Close connection to the display.

void* FX::FXApp::getDisplay  )  const [inline]

Return pointer.

bool FX::FXApp::isInitialized  )  const [inline]

Is application initialized.

FXint FX::FXApp::getArgc  )  const [inline]

Get argument count.

const FXchar* const* FX::FXApp::getArgv  )  const [inline]

Get argument vector.

bool FX::FXApp::hasInputMethod  )  const

Return true if input method support.

FXVisual* FX::FXApp::getDefaultVisual  )  const [inline]

Get default visual.

void FX::FXApp::setDefaultVisual FXVisual vis  ) 

Change default visual.

FXVisual* FX::FXApp::getMonoVisual  )  const [inline]

Get monochrome visual.

FXRootWindow* FX::FXApp::getRootWindow  )  const [inline]

Get root Window.

void FX::FXApp::setRootWindow FXRootWindow rt  ) 

Set root Window.

FXWindow* FX::FXApp::getFocusWindow  )  const

Return window at the end of the focus chain.

FXWindow* FX::FXApp::getCursorWindow  )  const [inline]

Get the window under the cursor, if any.

FXWindow* FX::FXApp::getActiveWindow  )  const [inline]

Get the active toplevel window, if any.

FXPopup* FX::FXApp::getPopupWindow  )  const [inline]

Get current popup window, if any.

FXWindow* FX::FXApp::findWindowWithId FXID  xid  )  const

Find window from id.

FXWindow* FX::FXApp::findWindowAt FXint  rx,
FXint  ry,
FXID  window = 0

Find window from root x,y, starting from given window.

virtual void FX::FXApp::create  )  [virtual]

Create application's windows.

virtual void FX::FXApp::destroy  )  [virtual]

Destroy application's windows.

virtual void FX::FXApp::detach  )  [virtual]

Detach application's windows.

void FX::FXApp::addTimeout FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel,
FXuint  ms = 1000,
void *  ptr = NULL

Add timeout message to be sent to target object in ms milliseconds; the timer fires only once after the interval expires.

The void* ptr is user data which will be passed into the void* ptr of the message handler. If a timer with the same target and message already exists, it will be rescheduled.

void FX::FXApp::removeTimeout FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel

Remove timeout identified by tgt and sel.

bool FX::FXApp::hasTimeout FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel

Return TRUE if given timeout has been set.

FXuint FX::FXApp::remainingTimeout FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel

Return, in ms, the time remaining until the given timer fires.

If the timer is past due, 0 is returned. If there is no such timer, infinity (UINT_MAX) is returned.

void FX::FXApp::handleTimeouts  ) 

Process any timeouts due at this time.

void FX::FXApp::addChore FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel,
void *  ptr = NULL

Add a idle processing message to be sent to target object when the system becomes idle, i.e.

there are no events to be processed. The void* ptr is user data which will be passed into the void* ptr of the message handler. If a chore with the same target and message already exists, it will be rescheduled.

void FX::FXApp::removeChore FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel

Remove idle processing message identified by tgt and sel.

bool FX::FXApp::hasChore FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel

Return TRUE if given chore has been set.

void FX::FXApp::addSignal FXint  sig,
FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel,
FXbool  immediate = FALSE,
FXuint  flags = 0

Add signal processing message to be sent to target object when the signal sig is raised; flags are to be set as per POSIX definitions.

When immediate is TRUE, the message will be sent to the target right away; this should be used with extreme care as the application is interrupted at an unknown point in its execution.

void FX::FXApp::removeSignal FXint  sig  ) 

Remove signal message for signal sig.

bool FX::FXApp::addInput FXInputHandle  fd,
FXuint  mode,
FXObject tgt,
FXSelector  sel

Add a file descriptor fd to be watched for activity as determined by mode, where mode is a bitwise OR (INPUT_READ, INPUT_WRITE, INPUT_EXCEPT).

A message of type SEL_IO_READ, SEL_IO_WRITE, or SEL_IO_EXCEPT will be sent to the target when the specified activity is detected on the file descriptor.

bool FX::FXApp::removeInput FXInputHandle  fd,
FXuint  mode

Remove input message and target object for the specified file descriptor and mode, which is a bitwise OR of (INPUT_READ, INPUT_WRITE, INPUT_EXCEPT).

bool FX::FXApp::getKeyState FXuint  keysym  )  const

Return key state of given key.

bool FX::FXApp::peekEvent  ) 

Peek to determine if there's an event.

bool FX::FXApp::runOneEvent bool  blocking = true  ) 

Perform one event dispatch; return true if event was dispatched.

FXint FX::FXApp::run  ) 

Run the main application event loop until stop() is called, and return the exit code passed as argument to stop().

FXint FX::FXApp::runUntil FXuint condition  ) 

Run an event loop till some flag becomes non-zero, and then return.

FXint FX::FXApp::runWhileEvents  ) 

Run event loop while events are available, non-modally.

Return when no more events, timers, or chores are outstanding.

FXint FX::FXApp::runModalWhileEvents FXWindow window = NULL  ) 

Run event loop while there are events are available in the queue.

Returns 1 when all events in the queue have been handled, and 0 when the event loop was terminated due to stop() or stopModal(). Except for the modal window and its children, user input to all windows is blocked; if the modal window is NULL, all user input is blocked.

FXint FX::FXApp::runModal  ) 

Run modal event loop, blocking keyboard and mouse events to all windows until stopModal is called.

FXint FX::FXApp::runModalFor FXWindow window  ) 

Run a modal event loop for the given window, until stop() or stopModal() is called.

Except for the modal window and its children, user input to all windows is blocked; if the modal window is NULL all user input is blocked.

FXint FX::FXApp::runModalWhileShown FXWindow window  ) 

Run modal while window is shown, or until stop() or stopModal() is called.

Except for the modal window and its children, user input to all windows is blocked; if the modal window is NULL all user input is blocked.

FXint FX::FXApp::runPopup FXWindow window  ) 

Run popup menu while shown, until stop() or stopModal() is called.

Also returns when entering previous cascading popup menu.

bool FX::FXApp::isModal FXWindow window  )  const

True if the window is modal.

FXWindow* FX::FXApp::getModalWindow  )  const

Return window of current modal loop.

FXModality FX::FXApp::getModality  )  const

Return mode of current modal loop.

void FX::FXApp::stop FXint  value = 0  ) 

Terminate the outermost event loop, and all inner modal loops; All more deeper nested event loops will be terminated with code equal to 0, while the outermost event loop will return code equal to value.

void FX::FXApp::stopModal FXWindow window,
FXint  value = 0

Break out of the matching modal loop, returning code equal to value.

All deeper nested event loops are terminated with code equal to 0.

void FX::FXApp::stopModal FXint  value = 0  ) 

Break out of the innermost modal loop, returning code equal to value.

void FX::FXApp::forceRefresh  ) 

Force GUI refresh.

void FX::FXApp::refresh  ) 

Schedule a refresh.

void FX::FXApp::flush bool  sync = false  ) 

Flush pending repaints.

void FX::FXApp::repaint  ) 

Paint all windows marked for repainting.

On return all the applications windows have been painted.

virtual void FX::FXApp::init int &  argc,
char **  argv,
bool  connect = true

Initialize application.

Parses and removes common command line arguments, reads the registry. Finally, if connect is TRUE, it opens the display.

virtual void FX::FXApp::exit FXint  code = 0  )  [virtual]

Exit application.

Closes the display and writes the registry.

FXRegistry& FX::FXApp::reg  )  [inline]

Return a reference to the registry.

The registry keeps settings and configuration information for an application, which are automatically loaded when the application starts up, and saved when the application terminates.

FXDragType FX::FXApp::registerDragType const FXString name  )  const

Register new DND type.

FXString FX::FXApp::getDragTypeName FXDragType  type  )  const

Get drag type name.

FXWindow* FX::FXApp::getDragWindow  )  const [inline]

Return drag window if a drag operation is in progress.

void FX::FXApp::beep  ) 


static FXApp* FX::FXApp::instance  )  [inline, static]

Return application instance.

void FX::FXApp::setNormalFont FXFont font  ) 

Change default font.

FXFont* FX::FXApp::getNormalFont  )  const [inline]

Return default font.

void FX::FXApp::beginWaitCursor  ) 

Begin of wait-cursor block; wait-cursor blocks may be nested.

void FX::FXApp::endWaitCursor  ) 

End of wait-cursor block.

void FX::FXApp::setWaitCursor FXCursor cur  ) 

Change to a new wait cursor.

FXCursor* FX::FXApp::getWaitCursor  )  const [inline]

Return current wait cursor.

FXCursor* FX::FXApp::getDefaultCursor FXDefaultCursor  which  )  const [inline]

Obtain a default cursor.

void FX::FXApp::setDefaultCursor FXDefaultCursor  which,
FXCursor cur

Change default cursor.

FXbool FX::FXApp::writeWindow FXStream store,
FXWindow window

Write a window and its children, and all resources reachable from this window, into the stream store.


FXbool FX::FXApp::readWindow FXStream store,
FXWindow *&  window,
FXWindow father,
FXWindow owner

Read a window and its children from the stream store, and append it under father; note it is initially not created yet.


FXMutex& FX::FXApp::mutex  )  [inline]

Return a reference to the application-wide mutex.

Normally, the main user interface thread holds this mutex, insuring that no other threads are modifying data during the processing of user interface messages. However, whenever the main user interface thread blocks for messages, it releases this mutex, to allow other threads to modify the same data. When a new message becomes available, the main user interface thread regains the mutex prior to dispatching the message. Other threads should hold this mutex only for short durations, so as to not starve the main user interface thread.

void FX::FXApp::setTranslator FXTranslator trans  ) 

Change message translator.

The new translator will be owned by FXApp.

FXTranslator* FX::FXApp::getTranslator  )  const [inline]

Return message translator.

FXuint FX::FXApp::getTypingSpeed  )  const [inline]

Obtain application-wide settings.

FXuint FX::FXApp::getClickSpeed  )  const [inline]

FXuint FX::FXApp::getScrollSpeed  )  const [inline]

FXuint FX::FXApp::getScrollDelay  )  const [inline]

FXuint FX::FXApp::getBlinkSpeed  )  const [inline]

FXuint FX::FXApp::getAnimSpeed  )  const [inline]

FXuint FX::FXApp::getMenuPause  )  const [inline]

FXuint FX::FXApp::getTooltipPause  )  const [inline]

FXuint FX::FXApp::getTooltipTime  )  const [inline]

FXint FX::FXApp::getDragDelta  )  const [inline]

FXint FX::FXApp::getWheelLines  )  const [inline]

FXint FX::FXApp::getScrollBarSize  )  const [inline]

void FX::FXApp::setTypingSpeed FXuint  speed  ) 

Change application-wide settings.

void FX::FXApp::setClickSpeed FXuint  speed  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setScrollSpeed FXuint  speed  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setScrollDelay FXuint  delay  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setBlinkSpeed FXuint  speed  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setAnimSpeed FXuint  speed  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setMenuPause FXuint  pause  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setTooltipPause FXuint  pause  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setTooltipTime FXuint  time  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setDragDelta FXint  delta  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setWheelLines FXint  lines  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setScrollBarSize FXint  size  ) 

FXColor FX::FXApp::getBorderColor  )  const [inline]

Obtain default colors.

FXColor FX::FXApp::getBaseColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getHiliteColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getShadowColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getBackColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getForeColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getSelforeColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getSelbackColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getTipforeColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getTipbackColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getSelMenuTextColor  )  const [inline]

FXColor FX::FXApp::getSelMenuBackColor  )  const [inline]

void FX::FXApp::setBorderColor FXColor  color  ) 

Change default colors.

void FX::FXApp::setBaseColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setHiliteColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setShadowColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setBackColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setForeColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setSelforeColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setSelbackColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setTipforeColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setTipbackColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setSelMenuTextColor FXColor  color  ) 

void FX::FXApp::setSelMenuBackColor FXColor  color  ) 

FXuint FX::FXApp::getWindowCount  )  const [inline]

Get number of existing windows.

virtual void FX::FXApp::save FXStream store  )  const [virtual]


Reimplemented from FX::FXObject.

virtual void FX::FXApp::load FXStream store  )  [virtual]


Reimplemented from FX::FXObject.

void FX::FXApp::dumpWidgets  )  const

Dump widget information.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

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friend class FXBitmap [friend]

friend class FXImage [friend]

friend class FXIcon [friend]

friend class FXCursor [friend]

friend class FXDrawable [friend]

friend class FXWindow [friend]

friend class FXShell [friend]

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friend class FXDCWindow [friend]

friend class FXDragCorner [friend]

friend class FXDockHandler [friend]

friend class FXComposeContext [friend]

Member Data Documentation

const FXuchar FX::FXApp::copyright[] [static]


Copyright © 1997-2005 Jeroen van der Zijp